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Relational vs. Non-Relational Databases

Alibaba Cloud offers an extensive range of management services for both relational and non-relational databases. Learn all about them in this blog!

To learn about the differences between Relational vs. Non-Relational Database, download the Introducing Alibaba Cloud's Database Solutions whitepaper today.

Since 2016, Alibaba Cloud has focused its attention on self-developed cloud-based databases, and the extensive range of data management services it can offer to its customers. It's these services and solutions that can provide your business with the data backup, monitoring, migration, and disaster recovery it requires to operate within this data-heavy world.

Database management systems tend to fall within two groups: relational databases (also known as SQL databases), and non-relational databases (otherwise known as NoSQL databases). Alibaba Cloud offers a number of products in both categories and can help find the right database solution for your business. Here is a small selection of the solutions Alibaba Cloud offers.

Relational Databases

ApsaraDB for PolarDB

ApsaraDB for PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database, which is designed for business-critical database applications that rely on fast performance, high concurrency, and automatic scaling. PolarDB was ranked by analyst house Gartner as the top player within the "Visionaries" quadrant of the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant of Operational Database Management Services.

With a 100TB per database cluster, 15 low latency read replicas, and up to 16 configurable nodes, ApsaraDB for PolarDB can scale up to millions of queries per second. A clear example of this product's capabilities was during the 2019 Double 11 shopping festival. Along with other database products, ApsaraDB for PolarDB helped ensure that millions of customers received a smooth shopping experience in one of the biggest online sales events in the world.

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL is an on-demand database hosting service for one of the most popular open-source database management systems on the planet, MySQL. It has automated monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Over the last five years, Alibaba Cloud has worked to optimize and design ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL to offer businesses a variety of advanced features in comparison with other products available elsewhere. This includes, but is not limited to, high performance for concurrent queries and the monitoring of your memory and SQL resource consumption in order to quickly diagnose any issues.

Non-Relational Databases

ApsaraDB for Redis

ApsaraDB for Redis offers businesses in-memory caching and high-speed access to their cloud-hosted applications. This means that developers have the ability to manage data storage shared across multiple processes, applications, and servers.

It provides a high-performance service, with the ability to read and write data within milliseconds. ApsaraDB for Redis is highly scalable and reliable and provides continual data storage with the use of memory and hard disk storage, as well as a master-slave dual node backup without service downtime.

Thanks to the reliable two-node hot standby structure and scalable cluster architecture, ApsaraDB for Redis is best-placed in any scenario that requires high speed read/write performance as well as flexible configuration changes.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

This document-oriented database service provides businesses with automatic data monitoring, backup, and disaster tolerance should it be required. ApsaraDB for MongoDB is secure, reliable, and elastically scalable. In just a few steps, it can be speedily deployed, providing businesses with a standalone, replica set, and sharded cluster instances.

Alibaba Cloud partnered with MongoDB on October 30, 2019. Alibaba Cloud is currently the only provider that offers the updated MongoDB service, which opens the cloud platform to the latest open-source database for businesses.

Alibaba Cloud offers an extensive range of management services when it comes to both relational and non-relational databases. They have proven successful in scenarios such as the Double 11 Shopping Festival, Tokopedia, and Baison Software, to name a few.

To find out more about the other Relational and Non-Relational Database Solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud, as well as their individual features and benefits, download the Introducing Alibaba Cloud's Database Solutions whitepaper today.

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