Community Blog MaxCompute Service Launches in India Accelerating Upgrades in Big Data

MaxCompute Service Launches in India Accelerating Upgrades in Big Data

MaxCompute, Alibaba Cloud's big data computing service, has been launched in India on January 18, 2018.


MaxCompute, Alibaba Cloud's big data computing service, is officially launched in India on January 18, 2018. With the aid of MaxCompute's powerful computing power, Alibaba Cloud will accelerate comprehensive upgrades in India's big data industry.

As one of the few emerging markets in the world that can sustain a high growth rate in the internet industry, India is of strategic significance for all cloud computing vendors around the world. Alibaba Cloud announced its official entry into the Indian market six months ago at Computing Conference 2017 with a plan to set up its first data center in Mumbai by March 31, 2018. By then, MaxCompute, Alibaba Cloud's flagship big data computing platform, will launch during the same period in India and is expected to become India's big data industry accelerator.

India’s software industry is well-known throughout the world, and leading Indian software specialists can be found everywhere, from Silicon Valley to major IT companies.

In recent years, the rapid development of the big data industry has brought new opportunities for growth to the Indian software sector. This demonstrates that the big data industry is bound to become an important factor affecting the Indian economy. Industry experts recently revealed that India's big data analytics industry is expected to grow from 2 billion U.S. dollars at present to 16 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, which is an 8-fold increase. This increase must be supported by strong computing power.

It is understood that MaxCompute can provide users with fast, fully managed petabyte-level data warehouse solutions to support multi-source heterogeneous data importing and a variety of traditional distribution computing models, more quickly handle large-scale user data processing issues, effectively reduce corporate IT overheads and ensure data safety.


MaxCompute enables the user to store and process massive structured and unstructured data at the terabyte or even petabyte level. Unlike traditional data analytics platforms that use distributed computing models, MaxCompute is easier to maintain and use.

The platform is highly scalable and compatible, and project owners, data analysts and developers can collaborate on it in real time to create an ever-expanding ecosystem. In addition, MaxCompute offers powerful security and disaster recovery services to protect user data security.

The latest version 2.0 of MaxCompute is deployed in the Mumbai nodes. The new version relies on the new SQL 2.0 computing engine for higher-performance computing; it supports unstructured data processing, associates with external data sources through external forms, and provides programming interfaces for custom parsing of any data formats. More language features are supported, providing massive data computing support for popular areas such as artificial intelligence.

The official launch of MaxCompute in India will further strengthen Alibaba Cloud's competitiveness in the Indian market, accelerate upgrades in the local big data industry, and help India's government achieve the goal stated in the "Innovative Ten-years" program to become one of the top five sci-tecpowers in the world.

For more information about MaxCompute, visit the product website.

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Raja_KT March 16, 2019 at 3:21 am

Good to know . But not sure how firms here can exploit the features of PB-level DW solutions and AFAIK, Big data implementations here are few and far between.

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