Community Blog Malaysia Future Makers: Alibaba Cloud Partners with Well-Known Malaysian Enterprises

Malaysia Future Makers: Alibaba Cloud Partners with Well-Known Malaysian Enterprises

Alibaba Cloud partners with several well-known Malaysian enterprises at the first ever Alibaba Cloud Summit Kuala Lumpur to empower regional growth.

The Alibaba Cloud Summit Kuala Lumpur was held on July 31, 2019, featuring many of Malaysia's top enterprises. At the summit, Alibaba Cloud experts shared insightful views on technology innovation, focusing on advanced Big Data Analytics, AI, and the core technologies of the Internet.

Accelerating Malaysia's Future Makers in Digital Transformation


Malaysia, being one of the leading economies in Southeast Asia, has actively embraced the tide of digital economy transformation. At Alibaba Cloud, our priority is to empower Malaysia in its journey into becoming an innovative and dynamic nation, one that lives and breathes technology and also contributes to the future of science and technology

In 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the first international cloud service provider to be deployed in Malaysia, and then partnered with many famous local enterprises to promote digital transformation in transportation, finance, and other sectors. Through the Malaysia's Future Maker initiative, Alibaba Cloud hopes to empower Malaysia's digital transformation efforts by providing comprehensive solutions that local businesses can adapt to and learn from.

Muamalat Bank

As one of the leading local banks, it signed a memorandum of understanding with Alibaba Cloud at the summit to leverage digital technology to accelerate financial inclusion.


Sena Traffic Systems (SENA)

This leading smart transportation company in Malaysia integrates the core technology engine of the Alibaba Cloud City Brain to intelligently transform traffic management facilities in cities. With this engine, approximately 12% of commuting time is expected to be saved in the local cities.


Founded in 1993, AirAsia builds a powerful security system based on Alibaba Cloud technologies. Network attacks are intercepted to improve operational efficiency and ensure smooth travel of passengers.



This local star-class IoT startup company builds an intelligent agricultural service platform based on Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud helped increase chili farmers' incomes by 20% and reduce the fertilizer usage on chili farms by 30%.

Revenue Monster

Alibaba Cloud provides this leading financial technology company in Malaysia with secure, highly available, and elastic infrastructure services to meet its ever growing needs. Now, customers of Revenue Monster can complete millions of transactions in a day, with the annual availability of 99.99% or above.

TNG Digital

This leading mobile payment company builds a powerful cloud infrastructure service platform based on Alibaba Cloud, to provide high-quality mobile payment services for Malaysian users.

Ground Team Red (GTR)

This local airport ground service company serves 18 airports in Malaysia and Singapore and handles an average of 475 flights every day. Through partnership with Alibaba Cloud, GTR can serve global customers more efficiently.


Alibaba Cloud's Global Infrastructure

Currently, Alibaba Cloud has the widest range of digital infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region, covering Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Japan. It is also the only international cloud service provider that owns local data centers in Malaysia and Indonesia. According to Gartner's latest research in 2018, Alibaba Cloud took the first market share in Asia Pacific for the second consecutive year.

Yuan Qian, president of Alibaba Cloud smart international, said:

"Since we established our first local data center in Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud has been paving the way for accelerating the digital transformation of local enterprises. As the top cloud service provider in the Asia Pacific region, we hope to continue to improve the benefits through technologies, so that our customers can experience the world-class cloud system in terms of reliability, security, efficiency, and interconnectivity."

Where do you expect Alibaba Cloud to hold the next summit? Let us know in the comments below!

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