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KubeCon 2019 Series

This article covers the highlights of KubeCon 2019.

New Highlights of Application Management at KubeCon EU 2019

As we all know, the central project for cloud native architectures is Kubernetes, which focuses on applications. Better application deployment and more efficient development can bring tangible benefits to teams and organizations and utilize the cloud-native technology better. The momentum of revolution not only challenges old and closed internal systems, but also facilitates the emergence of new tools for developers. At this KubeCon, lots of new knowledge about application management was disclosed. What ideas and train of thought can we learn from this KubeCon to avoid detours? What technology evolution trend do these ideas indicate?

In this article, we invited Deng Hongchao, a technical expert on Alibaba Cloud Container Platform, former engineer at CoreOS, and one of the core authors of the k8s Operator project, to analyze and comment on some important aspects of application management.

Paving the Way in Cloud Native: Alibaba Provides Enterprises with Powerful Solutions

A forerunner in developing cloud native technologies and applications, Alibaba Cloud has shared 26 insightful presentations to the attendees of this year's KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, of whom many are representatives of various global enterprises and others prominent developers. Ding Yu, the director of Alibaba Cloud Container Platform, pointed out:

"Cloud native is reshaping the entire software lifecycle. Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud native have become three key standards in the age of cloud. Alibaba Cloud will double down on its development of cloud native technologies and products, while maintaining its role in giving back to the open-source community. We are also collaborating with ecosystem partners to set cloud native standards and implement cloud native applications."

This article discusses how Alibaba Cloud is a leader in cloud native technology and applications and provides enterprises with powerful solutions.

The Story Behind How Alibaba Cloud Developed Cloud Native to Be Used Large Scale

Alibaba Cloud has come to implemented cloud native technologies on a large scale. At the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit held on June 26, 2019, Xiang Li, a CNCF TOC representative and the senior staff engineer at Alibaba Cloud, delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Li shared Alibaba's experience in scalability, reliability, development efficiency, and migration strategy, and discussed how to implement cloud native technologies and address technical challenges.

This article covers a presentation by senior engineer Xiang Li at KubeCon on how Alibaba Cloud has developed and implemented cloud native technologies on a large scale.

KubeCon 2019: Alibaba Cloud Hands-on Workshop Highlights

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon was held for the second time in China on June 24, 2019. This time, 26 technical presentations from Alibaba Group were selected for the event. The presentations and two workshop sessions brought Alibaba Cloud experts and other technology enthusiasts together once again. On the first day of the KubeCon event, 12 experts from Alibaba Cloud conducted a full-day hands-on workshop for developers.

This article covers the highlights of KubeCon 2019: Alibaba Cloud's hands-on workshop such as App Hub and OpenKruise, Cloud-native AI, and Function Compute and Mini Apps.

Embarking into the Cloud Native Era

Cloud computing has forever changed the IT landscape of the world, with the world's enterprise and institutions all migrating to the cloud. One important development in Cloud is that of Cloud-native applications, which can fully utilize the essential advantages of cloud computing. Alibaba Cloud, being at the cutting-edge of this technology, has embarked into this exciting new frontier in the cloud computing space from the very beginning.

This article discusses the cloud native era and how Alibaba Cloud embarked into this exciting new frontier in the cloud computing space from the very beginning.

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