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Intelligent Manufacturing with ET Industrial Brain Open Platform

This blog is a synopsis of how ET Industrial Brain Open Platform will use its big data and AI capabilities to empower the manufacturing industry in building intelligent factories.

On August 1, Alibaba Cloud launched the ET Industrial Brain Open Platform, based on which partners can easily implement collection, analysis, mining, and modeling of industrial data and quickly construct intelligent analysis applications. In the coming three years, Alibaba Cloud will recruit thousands of ecological partners from different industry sectors to implement scale replication of successful cases of intelligent manufacturing and to promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

On the historical timeline of industry development, we are now in the fourth industrial revolution. China has the largest manufacturing industry in the world. Enterprises need to improve their competitive edges with the help of the industrial Internet to realize digital transformation.

Jack Ma said, "In the future, algorithm experts definitely will not work in Internet companies. Instead, they will write code in workshops." As the first technology company that writes code in workshops, Alibaba Cloud has sent scientists to workshops in different industries every day over the past year to gain an in-depth understanding about the complex manufacturing scenarios and explore a way of promoting digital transformation using technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. Today, ET Industrial Brain has successfully serviced leading enterprises in more than ten industry sectors and helped these enterprises create billions of RMB in profits. These enterprises include GCL Photovoltaic, ZC Rubber, CHINT New Energy, and Pangang Group.

"Industrial Brain aims to deploy the AI and big data technologies on the production line, help manufacturing enterprises implement collaboration among the production flow, data flow, and control flow, improve the efficiency of the production line, and realize self-controlled intelligent manufacturing in the self-controlled path." said Min Wanli, Alibaba Cloud chief machine intelligence scientist.

In the process of boosting the transformation of the traditional manufacturing enterprises, building an open ecosystem is undoubtedly a critical step. Digital industrial transformation involves three layers:

  1. Collection of the production line data,
  2. Data-based global decision making,
  3. A real-time issue of analysis results and control commands.

ET Industrial Brain completes tasks only at one of three layers, i.e., data-based global decision making, and cooperates with ecological partners at other two layers.


The ET Industrial Brain Open Platform will open the knowledge maps in 3 major industries, 19 business models, 7 industrial data models, and more than 20 industrial algorithm models. On this platform, ecological partners can do programming and integrate the industrial knowledge, big data capability, and AI algorithms to customize intelligent applications for factories.

On the ET Industrial Brain Open Platform, it takes only two steps for enterprises to build intelligent factories. First, quickly migrate data to the cloud through the data factory. Second, train dedicated intelligence for factories in the AI workshop. Besides, this platform significantly reduces the operation skill requirements. Even ordinary engineers can perform operations quickly. The project implementation cycle gets shortened from the original six months to a minimum of six days.

In the boiler intelligent transformation project of a petrochemical enterprise, ForceCon uses the ET Industrial Brain data factory to send more than one thousand variables that change in real-time to Alibaba Cloud in seconds, which significantly improves the efficiency of migrating the device data to the cloud.

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Raja_KT February 18, 2019 at 6:18 am

"First, quickly migrate data to the cloud through the data factory. Second, train dedicated intelligence for factories in the AI workshop. ".... Will series of recommendations be enterprising ..?