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How to Build a PaaS Industrial Platform

PaaS can empower the industrial sectors, and in this article you will find some examples and some useful information for PaaS service.

The cloud computing and big data based IT AI technology is a field completely different from the traditional industrial sectors. The AI technology must be deployed in the industrial sectors. It requires in-depth integration across different sectors, and collaboration and complementation of multiple skills, technologies, and cultures.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides a platform allowing consumers to develop and deploy applications and services over Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet. The consumer does not manage or maintain the underlying platform software, middleware and cloud infrastructure.

PaaS allows consumer to adjust processing capacity by scaling up or down platform resources vertically and horizontally according to the change of processing demand, for example, scaling up an ApsaraRDS instance to add more CPU and memory and add more replica to increase the data read capacity.

PaaS frees up human resources to let consumer focus on core businesses and content delivery rather than on platform software and its underlying IT infrastructure which does not generate business value. PaaS also let consumer shorten provisioning period of their runtime environment from a few weeks to a few minutes with right service level agreement in place.

ET Industrial Brain builds a fully open industrial intelligent PaaS platform, which supports plug-in type connection of industrial mechanism models and microservices and allows third-party developers to quickly generate various industrial intelligent applications. When ET Industrial Brain is being deployed on applications of the industrial production lines, data scientists learn from production process experts based on the cloud computing and Internet infrastructure, and use machine learning to mine and analyze data and predict the industrial models. In this integration process, ET Industrial Brain serves as the middle platform to implement effective exchange and collaboration between technologies, concepts, and knowledge in different fields for the first time, and generates huge economic values for the industries.

The ET Industrial Brain open platform is applicable to supply chain intelligence, R&D intelligence, production line intelligence, marketing intelligence, and device health intelligence. Based on the ET Industrial Brain open platform, eco partners can implement standardized projects. The implementation cycle is shortened from the original six months to today's six months. The implementation process requires no reconstruction of the production line, replacement of devices, or production halt.

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As a unified PaaS platform for intelligent data creation and management at Exabyte Scale, Dataphin applies Alibaba Group’s unique and proven OneData, OneID & OneService technologies to help enterprises thrive in the new era of data intelligence.

ET Industrial Brain

Alibaba Cloud ET Industrial Brain empowers smart manufacturing and R&D with the use of big data, smart supply chains, industrial AI technology and smart production.From new energy, to chemical engineering, and heavy industry, ET Brain is driving value for manufacturers.

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