Community Blog Insight into the Future of Cloud Native: CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Course

Insight into the Future of Cloud Native: CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Course

The CNCF and Alibaba Cloud have jointly launched a new technology course to provide developers with insights into the future of cloud native.

As the cloud native technology stack represented by Kubernetes is becoming increasingly mature and the CNCF ecosystem is growing gradually, "Cloud Native" has become a keyword in the future cloud computing era. However, what exactly is "Cloud Native"? What is the relationship between cloud native, CNCF, and Kubernetes? Since the technology wave of cloud native has already arrived, how can we, as cloud computing developers and practitioners, implement cloud native technologies within our own organizations and gain a foothold in the cloud native technological revolution?

As witnesses and practitioners of the "cloud native" technical community for many years, we know that it is not easy to have every developer understand and adopt a new technology. For this reason, we have jointly developed the CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Open Course with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). We aim to answer every technical question about "cloud native" for each developer and reveal the thinking and essence behind the cloud computing revolution.

Over the years, CNCF has been dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable to global developers. The launch of the CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Open Course is the first cloud native course tailored by CNCF exclusively for Chinese developers. You can learn from world-class technical experts to fully understand cloud native technologies. We firmly believe that the solution to making cloud native available to everyone relies only on a deep understanding of every design and thinking behind "cloud native".

What Is This Course About?

CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Open Course is a new course jointly launched by CNCF and Alibaba. It is a series of technical open courses that focus on the cloud native technology stack and feature both technical interpretation and practice implementation. We aim to help every cloud computing developer and engineer to grasp the nature and essence of the cloud native era.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate-level audiences, including:

  • Software engineers and college students in the field of computer science and software engineering etc.
  • Application developers using/trying to use container and Kubernetes technology.
  • Software engineers and administrators with basic server side knowledge and now exploring container technology world.
  • Managers and engineers trying to understand the fundamental of cloud native technology stack.

What Can You Obtain through This Course?

  • Enhance your knowledge on cloud native to create your own system.
  • Understand the reasoning and nature behind cloud native technologies.
  • Hands-on practice that complements the core knowledge.
  • Cloud native best practices from first-line technical teams.
  • A course completion certificate jointly awarded by CNCF and Alibaba Cloud

Who Are the Course Instructors?

Xiang Li, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, is responsible for improving software infrastructure. He is one of the nine Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) representatives for the CNCF. Prior to Alibaba Cloud, he led the distributed project team at CoreOS, responsible for the development of distributed systems related projects such as Kubernetes and etcd in CoreOS. His main interests are consistency protocols in distributed systems, distributed storage, and distributed system scheduling, and he is the author of etcd. He also witnessed and experienced the complete development process of CoreOS, from being a Y Combinator alumnus to being acquired by RedHat.

Lei Zhang, Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, is a senior member and co-maintainer of the Kubernetes project. Lei focuses primarily on CRI, scheduling, resource management, and hypervisor based container runtimes. Lei is co-leading the engineering efforts on Kubernetes upstream and large-scale cluster management systems of Alibaba Group. Lei was once a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research (MSR) and a member of the KataContainers team.

Hongliang Sun, Senior Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, is responsible for the construction of the Alibaba container technology PouchContainer. He has been engaged in the field of cloud computing for several years. He is among the first batch of engineers in China who conducted research and practices on container technology, and has played an important role in spreading the mainstream container technology in China. He has published a book titled Docker Source Code Analysis, and is enthusiastic about open source.

More experienced lecturers will be participating in the near future.

Course Outline (Lecture I)

Principles and Essentials of Cloud Native Tech Stack

1.  Container Fundamentals (25%)

  1. Container core concepts
  2. Understand value of container: Immutable Infrastructure

2.  Kubernetes Fundamentals (20%)
  1. Core concepts
  2. Understand Pod and Pod design patterns
  3. Stateless application management
  4. App configuration
  5. Observability
  6. Services & networking

3.  Container Advanced Concepts (5%)
  1. Linux container deep dive

4.  Kubernetes Advanced Concepts (45%)
  1. Understand etcd
  2. Scheduling & resource management
  3. Storage & persistent volume
  4. Stateful application management
  5. Kubernetes API programing
  6. Service & networking Advanced
  7. Installation, Configuration & Validation
  8. Security
  9. CRI & Sandboxed Container Runtime

We will add more lectures including Serverless and ServiceMesh in the near future. If you intersted in the course please click here

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