Community Blog How Can I Find Good WordPress Templates?

How Can I Find Good WordPress Templates?

This article explains how users can find good WordPress templates.

By Alain Francois

An attractive website is essential to keeping visitors browsing your content and maintaining a good experience. Some website owners prefer using CMS to build their websites easily. CMS offers some themes and templates to help you build an attractive design. WordPress also offers some additional templates. Finding a suitable template can be difficult, but having the right theme can make a huge difference in the growth, management, and future of your website. WordPress offers themes that directly integrate templates.

WordPress on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud allows users to run a WordPress website with its reliable WordPress hosting choices. You can quickly run images with LAMP built by partners on Alibaba Cloud servers.



Colorlib is one of the most popular WordPress templates and theme-specific online resources. You can find free and premium WordPress templates that have been thoroughly reviewed and tested, ensuring users will find the appropriate theme for their website. Its WordPress themes and templates are free to use for personal and commercial websites.

Theme Freesia

Theme Freesia offers some free WordPress theme collections, even if there are fewer themes compared to Colorlib. It has themes built for specific website types, including photographers' portfolios, e-commerce stores, and more. They also offer support.


aThemes allows you to download free WordPress themes, but some are not free. They use the GPL license, allowing you to make as many changes as you want, but you should read the specific license of each theme you download.


ThemeForest is a part of Envato Market, a platform selling WordPress themes. It has positioned itself as the largest theme selling site in this target market. ThemeForest is also convenient if you want something related to an online store, with specific themes that let creators respond to comments.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes creates premium WordPress themes with advanced functionality and support. It is highly recommended by some of the top WordPress experts. They have many quality themes, including the Divi page builder.


Before choosing a WordPress template, you must find one that best suits your needs. Anyone can make a beautiful website, but you should take the necessary time to make the right choice. Also, you should pay attention to free templates and themes, as they can be released with some usage limits. In some cases, you can use the free version for personal use but need an upgraded pro version for commercial use.

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