Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Computer in Singapore to Power Secure, Efficient and Flexible Future Workplace

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Computer in Singapore to Power Secure, Efficient and Flexible Future Workplace

DaaS delivers "office in the cloud" for work from anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Singapore, March 15, 2022 – To boost innovation and increase operational efficiency for enterprises in a hybrid workplace, Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has launched its cloud computer, including both the pocket-sized Wuying Cloud Computer, and Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) in Singapore.

The cloud computer brings businesses Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for faster IT deployment, increased device flexibility, enhanced security and reduced downtime for technical support, as the setup, maintenance, connectivity and storage issues are all managed by Alibaba Cloud.

Backed by Alibaba Cloud's global connectivity and leading solutions, the cloud computer is especially useful to support companies that have a remote workforce in need to access to heavy computer powered productivity applications, such as computer-aided design (CAD) software. Businesses large or small, in verticals such as medical and AI research, video production and rendering, engineering and finance modeling, telecommunication, livestreaming, education, oil and gas simulations, or design, can take advantage of the secure, elastic, scalable and highly available nature of the public cloud when using cloud computers.

For instance, as COVID-19 travel restrictions continue to be in force locally, the cloud computer can support geographically dispersed employees securely, by allowing them to access corporate networks from any device, while minimizing the risk of sensitive intelligence leakage, as everything will be stored and managed on the cloud via secured network. The display device connected to the cloud computer can be disconnected remotely from the server immediately, if lost or stolen, reducing risks associated with local storage. In addition, field employees do not need to complete tasks that require heavy computer power with physical travel to the office, saving time while reducing their risks of contracting COVID-19 when travelling.

"Our cloud computer offers enterprises an innovative way to address business issues that arise during digitalization, including those associated with increased IT expenditure, the need to manage desktop clusters in a centralized way, and the means to leverage public cloud securely while enjoying all the economies of scale it can bring," said Dr Derek Wang, General Manager for Singapore, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. "We have seen customers using our cloud computer and reducing their IT hardware spending by almost 50%, resulting in a significant boost to their productivity levels. This is why we want to bring cloud computer to Singapore as our first overseas stop, and to create a strong digital workspace locally in order to help the nation stay competitive."

One of the early adopters of Alibaba Cloud's cloud computer in Singapore is Netpluz Asia, a one-stop managed IT and communication service provider with Network Operation Centres (NOCs) in Singapore and Malaysia. The company has been expanding rapidly with clients from across the Asia Pacific region.

Netpluz uses cloud computer for their employees to access company's applications through a web browser. This helps them to scale faster with reduced capital expenditure, as the adoption of cloud computer obliviates their need to invest in costly IT infrastructure and software, which have to be constantly upgraded and patched for optimal security and performance. Their adoption of a subscription model with Alibaba Cloud also help to manage their operational cost.

"With the cloud computer from Alibaba Cloud, we can deploy and decommission resources faster, especially during seasonal spikes and drops, and this helps us to save time and investment, while enabling us to adapt quickly to changing demands, said Leng Fong Lau, Managing Director at Netpluz Asia. "It also gives us an option to support our customers remotely with its convenient multi-location deployment capability and high-performance nature, so that we can meet our commitments while minimizing cross border travel for our staff and customers to ensure their safety."

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