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Grow Your Network to Grow Your Business

In our e-book "Start-Up to Scale Up", we follow the journey of a fictional startup, tracking how its network evolves and begins to work on an international scale.

Driving business growth is a top priority for start-ups and SMEs, and to do this as effectively as possible companies must think about how to scale their network. Building your network into a scalable, reliable and cost-efficient solution that supports business growth is a vital asset amid today's rapidly changing economy.

Scaling any network is not an easy feat and comes with significant challenges. It's important that it can be deployed globally, as even if your business is currently focused on one region or country, it is likely to have global ambitions, and your network should not hamper these. Flexibility is also a vital network attribute – can it grow as your business does? Will it allow you to allocate bandwidth resources across regions and scale at any time? This will help to provision for a blog post or video that generates high traffic or a sales day that puts your e-commerce facilities to the test.

Click here to read Alibaba Cloud's e-book, following the journey of a fictional startup, tracking how its network evolves and begins to work on an international scale.

Building a reliable network is also a top priority for businesses, so they can be sure it is secure, and that their customers will experience their sites and digital assets as intended, with high speeds and low latency. Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network is a low-latency and high-speed solution, offering far superior latency compared to the public network. CEN is more than 1,000 times faster than the Internet. Alibaba Cloud also provides a comprehensive suite of security services, including Anti-DDoS, Web Application Firewall and Server Guard.

Early-stage businesses have to watch costs closely, and so running a network in the most cost-effective way, with minimal intervention, is important to SMEs as they scale. Alibaba Cloud provides a range of cost-effective solutions and the scalable nature of our cloud-based products and services means you can often pay for what you use and need. And, as your business grows, its cloud network can be elastically resized at any time to meet its changing requirements.

Running a network shouldn't be a chore, it should be easy to manage and quick to deploy. The majority of Alibaba Cloud's products are ready out-of-the-box, on-demand and can be rapidly deployed through the platform. For example, you can start using the CEN service in just four steps, meaning it takes as little as five minutes to set up.

Growing your business and growing your network go hand in hand. Although both come with challenges, Alibaba Cloud's suite of networking solutions provides a scalable, reliable and cost-effective network solution that helps facilitate business growth. To learn more about how a startup can use these different networking benefits to support business growth read our e-book, Networking – Start-Up to Scale Up.


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Raja_KT March 21, 2019 at 2:54 pm

My opinion of white paper is okay. But people these days are looking for "TL;DR". Opening a white paper may even be extra steps, unless request specifically. My opinion.

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