Community Blog Get Key Business Insights and Full Data Potential with Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA)

Get Key Business Insights and Full Data Potential with Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA)

This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA).

An organization generates exponentially more data from several touch points than ever before. The ability to fiscally utilize this data and generate analytical insights is more crucial. Data Lake Analysis plays an important role in overcoming the limitations of conventional warehouse solutions, which are difficult to scale and use for analytics purposes. Businesses can store, combine data for analysis, and expand at enormous scales in near real-time, thanks to a data lake.

Data Lake Analytics

Data Lake Analytics is an analytical next-generation big data solution that separates data storage from data computing. It allows the real-time building of data warehouses and archiving of database information. It supports various databases, including PolarDB, NoSQL, and relational databases.

Data Lake Analytics offers the Preso engines and serverless Spark to meet the requirements for stream processing, batch processing, online interactive search, and machine learning. It is a competitive solution that offers a cloud-based migration for traditional Hadoop solutions.

Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA) Service

Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA) is a hands-on analytics service that uses serverless architecture to provide comprehensive analytical insights. Alibaba Cloud simplifies big data through its on-demand Data Lake Analytics service.

Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA) is a pre-configured solution that doesn't need any kind of infrastructure setup or up-front management costs. Also, there is no need to maintain instances in Data Lake Analytics. This service is billed based on in-use requirements.

Data Lake Analytics allows users to integrate data from multiple sources and locations (including OSS and Table Store) to gain better analytical insights, make better decisions, and maximize data extraction, processing, analysis, and visualization. Data Lake Analytics uses standard SQL syntax to interact with clients.

Benefits of Alibaba Data Lake Analytics

  • Zero-downtime service performance
  • Ensures quality of services through elastic scaling
  • Offers a user experience similar to a database
  • Cloud-native analytics federation across multiple data sources
  • Utilizes the new generation of high-performance analysis engines
  • Fast to implement, easy to use, with the capacity to transform an organization
  • Effective and efficient delivery support

Features of Alibaba Data Lake Analytics

  • A cost-effective approach
  • A zero-downtime upgrade
  • A secure network
  • Access control at a fine-grained level
  • Federation data from multiple sources
  • It provides support for MySQL clients
  • Support for BI Products
  • Compatibility with ANSI SQL

How Click2Cloud Can Help You Leverage Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA)

Storing abundant amounts of information and querying that information are the primary objectives that every enterprise wishes to accomplish with its data. Companies need more than just data storage to gain analytical insights; they need to process it on demand.

Click2Cloud provides the broadest selection of Alibaba Cloud analytics services to meet all your data analytics needs, simplify your data analytics journey, and empower organizations of all sizes and industries to transform their business.

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA), Click2Cloud provides analytics, machine learning, and BI solutions for your business to set up big data competencies that align with your goals.

Click2Cloud (in combination with Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics) helps users quickly obtain analysis results from the stored data on the cloud and helps analyze infrequently used data.


Users can analyze their cloud data efficiently with Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA). Implement powerful cloud-based analytics with Alibaba Cloud today and enable agility, speed, ease, and performance for your entire team and organization.

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