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Five Key Cloud-Based Tools to Transform Retail

Cloud computing is the catalyst for agile retailers to improve their physical stores, logistics and e-commerce offerings.


As the world evolves and technologies move at breakneck speeds, digital transformation is the only way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. For the retail industry, digital transformation has made a huge impact, affecting everyone from corner shops and e-commerce startups right through to some of the largest retailers in the world. Today's international retailers are already making significant investments in digital innovation including cloud computing, voice-activated shopping, and automation in order to compete more effectively in the saturated retail market.

Thanks to the cloud, organizations can leverage game changing technologies to fuel their business growth affordably and rapidly. Cloud computing has brought about cost-effective solutions that can have dramatic impacts on retail businesses of all sizes. It can facilitate enterprises in their digital transformation across logistics and delivery, right through to digitizing in-store and improving the end-to-end customer experience.

However, despite the potential for dramatic improvements, there is not enough IT-enabled innovation in retail and most retailers have been slow to embrace cloud infrastructures and SaaS (software as a service) solutions.

As a pioneer of China's e-commerce and new retail sector, Alibaba is no stranger to these industries. Alibaba Cloud provides retailers of all sizes with flexible, on-demand access to the resources that they need to develop and transform their businesses.

The five key tools we have identified that form the basis of this transformation are:

  1. Elastic Compute Service: Offering elastic and secure virtual cloud servers for seamless and cost-effective scalability.
  2. ApsaraDB for RDS: Our on-demand database hosting service with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
  3. Content Delivery Network: Our multimedia content delivery service to reach users across the globe.
  4. Security Solutions: Providing comprehensive compliance and protection against a range of security threats.
  5. Cloud Enterprise Network: Providing businesses with the necessary connectivity on a regional and global basis.

Used in combination, these five tools can have a transformative effect on both online and offline retail businesses, contributing to increased dwell-time in-store, repeat and higher-value purchases and enhanced loyalty.

To learn more about how digital transformation is affecting the retail industry and the key cloud computing products and tools that retailers need to know about, download our ebook Upgrading Retail - Five Key Tools for Digital Transformation now.

To read more about how Cloud Computing is transforming the retail industry, including customer stories and an in-depth focus on each of the five tools, download our whitepaper: Upgrading Retail - Five Key Tools for Digital Transformation.

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