Community Blog Data Lifecycle Management - Automatic Table Partitioning & Cold Data Archiving

Data Lifecycle Management - Automatic Table Partitioning & Cold Data Archiving

In this video, you will learn the definition of PolarDB for MySQL Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) and how to perform hot data partitioning and cold data archiving to OSS.

PolarDB is compatible with MySQL partition types of hash, range, list, range-hash, and list-hash. PolarDB and later support composite partitions and more partition types.

Through partition table, you are able to manage data lifecycle easily and decide when to remove cold data into lower-cost storage (OSS) to save costs, similar to data tiring technology. It's suitable for scenarios like E-Commerce and retail.

To achieve historical data archiving and hot data partitioning, you would need Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) which provides you the most efficient way of data management.

Watch video to learn more.

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