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Creating Intelligent Business Management Software

This blogs discusses how you can create intelligent business management software that can simulate the most used ERPs.

By Hernan Pardo

In this blog, I will be discussing how you can create intelligent business management software that can simulate the most used ERPs to be able to implement, maintain and migrate with accumulated experience and a tendency to automate.


Deploying and maintaining business applications typically undermines business autonomy and creates dependency. The development of these applications has concentrated on large, enriched conglomerates, commercializing the rights of use and the services derived from business management systems.

The large multinationals of business software are expanding in the provision of storage and process services in the cloud because the market tends to SaaS in this type of systems due to the wide coverage and speed achieved and the undoubted decrease in costs, improvement of the security and expansion of the possibilities offered by the cloud.

The bottleneck is in the implementation and updating of ERPs because management experts from the different areas of companies depend on consultants certified by multinational business software companies. Why has this come about? Why should administrative managers pass on their knowledge of the processes they manage to third parties so that they can adapt their product to the company or worse still, adapt the company to their product? I think it is because this maximizes the profits of these entities by making a good part of the normal running of companies depend on expensive consultancies that often become permanent given the dynamics of improvements and other continuous changes in management for internal evolutionary reasons or external regulations. This is why ERPs are perceived as very complicated applications and close to chaos.

Replace permanent consultancies with short-term consultancies and an expert implementation system.

We can ensure that the theoretical training of administrators really includes the competence to implement and maintain business software in the areas for which they are responsible, through a generic system that can be easily learned and an expert system that guides the implementation.

Eventually the study of the generic system, its implementation and maintenance require specific consultations for a short time and without generating dependencies. Advisers with postgraduate studies that make them competent to guide self-study and the solution of these conjectural problems.

Training of a new type of advisers for the implementation and maintenance of business management systems.

Sponsor a global Institute that offers Universities to create the necessary research centers in postgraduate studies to train business advisors to transfer their knowledge to administrators so that they can implement and maintain business management software.

Postgraduate studies must train theorists of quality management and the other standards applicable to business, acquire accounting criteria to understand managers and accountants regarding the recording of transactional evidence and practice simulating with the generic system some of the most used ERPs in which they specialize.

Large cloud storage and process services companies could grant scholarships and sponsor the creation of the institute that generates university research centers for the practices of the mentioned specializations, this would help eradicate speculation in the business software market that causes detriment economic in many companies and harmful dependencies that restrain the dynamics required by the new type of intelligent management demanded by Humanity.

Intelligent Business Management System

I have published in this blog the general design and programming design of a generic management system that aims to meet the aforementioned requirements. You can read them at the following links:

Design of Intelligent Business Management System (IBMSYS): https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/design-of-intelligent-business-management-system-ibmsys_596055

Programming Design of IBMSYS: https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/programming-design-of-ibmsys_596056

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