Community Blog Cooperation with the Yidui App Allows Alibaba Cloud to Empower the Dating and Social Industries

Cooperation with the Yidui App Allows Alibaba Cloud to Empower the Dating and Social Industries

This article introduces the Yidui dating app and how it uses Alibaba Cloud technology to offer users a new kind of online dating experience.

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By PAI Team


"The Yidui app is now establishing in-depth cooperation with Alibaba Cloud and applying Alibaba Cloud PAI, also known as Machine Learning Platform for AI, to more video dating and social scenarios to discover value from our interactive experience and bring growth to the dating and social industry." At the 2020 Alibaba Cloud Conference on September 17 and 18, Yidui app business experts shared its application of cloud technology into the video dating and social industries and its exploration of scenario interaction.

Alibaba Cloud and Yidui App Partnership

The Yidui app is a partner of Alibaba Cloud and an application success case of cloud technology. The Yidui app is a product of Beijing Milian Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. It focuses on online dating on mobile terminals and is a dark horse in the dating and social industry. The Yidui app is a success story of combining social interactions with live streaming. The Yidui app will creatively integrate video creation, live streaming, and online matchmaking, and become the leader of the industry. Relying on the successful operation of the Yidui app, Beijing Milian is among the top 20 high-tech and high-growth companies in Chaoyang, Beijing. There are currently more than 40 million registered users, more than 40,000 active matchmakers, and about 10 million online dating activities per month, placing the Yidui app at the top of the industry.

Improving storage, processing, inference of underling technical data, quickly providing users with intelligent recommendations, and create more perfect dating and social scenarios are some of the technical difficulties the Yidui app has.

As Alibaba Cloud personnel specifies, PAI is the cooperation platform between Alibaba Cloud and the Yidui app. PAI is a high-performance cloud-based comprehensive AI service platform that provides all-in-one services for traditional machine learning and deep learning, ranging from data processing, model training, and service deployment to prediction. PAI offers the Yidui app three architectures: auto scaling, data computing and storage, and algorithm modeling.

The Convenience of Cloud Technology

How can common users perceive the convenience brought by cloud technology? The Yidui app personnel say that recommendation technology is one of the benefits of cooperation. There is a formula for dating: Dating conversion rate × Opportunity = Result.

Big data algorithms allow the Yidui app to accurately discover potential daters that meet the basic requirements of each user from tens of millions of users and recommends them to each other. This helps users find matches easily. The Yidui app also focuses on user experience. Users can experience clear, smooth, and low-latency video calls with the powerful capabilities of video cloud. With Alibaba Cloud's world-leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the Yidui app has achieved ultra-low latency of less than one second, delivering nearly perfect video and live streaming experience.

Since the Spring Festival and the beginning of the pandemic, the number of downloads has increased 1.5 times, and user activity has increased by more than 50%. The pressure on data processing and recommendation has increased. The Yidui app overcame the traffic impact and made continuous improvements in user experience and fraud control.




Future Trends

Video recording and live streaming are becoming an important trend. Scenarios, such as cloud conferences, cloud classrooms, cloud shopping, and cloud tourism, are based on video and cloud technology. They also bring new content, new interactions, and new experiences. The social and live streaming model is still developing rapidly. Data utilization and recommendation efficiency will also become the core competitiveness of enterprises. The Yidui app personnel say that PAI will be used in more recommendation and fraud control scenarios and provide dating platform users with a better experience.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud PAI at https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/machine-learning

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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