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Ecosystem Construction of Alibaba Cloud Entering a New Era

Alibaba Cloud revealed several plans at the Apsara Conference 2020 to strengthen its ecology with ecosystem partners.

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The Apsara Conference was established in 2009 as a meeting for local websites. It evolved from a developers' gathering in 2011 to an international conference in 2015. The Apsara Conference 2020 became a science and technology event with live broadcasts, real-time participation in hundreds of cities, and interactions from tens of millions of participants.

The Apsara Conference 2020 was themed "Leap Into the Future of Digital Intelligence", showing the digital era from three aspects: new technologies, new industries, and new species. Based on 3D reconstruction and barrier-free technology, the conference brought a new experience of online participation and interaction both online and offline in hundreds of cities.


In the special year of 2020, Alibaba Cloud and its partners gathered together on the "cloud". Thousands of scientists, technology experts, and managers of well-known enterprises in China and abroad attended the conference. More than 10,000 developers also participated in the conference in the form of online programming. In addition, nearly 100 partner enterprises jointly offered tens of thousands of technical posts at the conference.

The computing conference, which has been held for 12 years, has become a bellwether for scientific and technological innovation. The Apsara Conference 2020 achieved a new milestone by sharing knowledge, ideas, and passion in its unique way in the digital age, attracting the attention of the industry.

Great Achievements in the Ecosystem Strategy of Integration

In 2019, Alibaba Cloud put forward the "integration strategy" for the first time. Over the past year, the strategy has yielded fruitful results in terms of ecosystem construction and market expansion.

In February 2020, Alibaba Cloud released a campaign to propose a solution for the pandemic together with Deloitte, Kingdee, Thunisoft, UFIDA, Landray, and iSoftStone. The solution received more than 100,000 unique visitors on its official website and was reported on more than 500,000 times. More than 1,000 business opportunities were collected for Alibaba Cloud and its partners. Over the past few months, Alibaba Cloud has performed nearly 350 activities of empowerment, involving 1,500 ecosystem partners with a total of 35,000 people.

To date, the SaaS accelerator program released by Alibaba Cloud has more than 2,000 partners. In the research report of the global cloud market released by Forrester in June, the cloud market of Alibaba Cloud ranks third in the world and first in the Asian-Pacific region. Alibaba's cloud market is playing a leading role among SaaS brands in China. This year, Alibaba Cloud will release a new product ecosystem strategy. With this strategy, Alibaba Cloud will continue to deepen its participation in the industry and work with ecosystem partners to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of all industries.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud already has nearly 9,000 partners and jointly provides services for 350,000 customers. The scale of business cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and some of its partners has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The number of joint solutions has reached more than 500, satisfying the needs of government, finance, new retail, and customers in other industries. Moreover, the ecosystem business has grown by more than 80% annually for three consecutive years.

Alibaba Cloud ecosystem is growing continually. The remarkable results achieved by the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem in the past year are based on the "dissatisfaction" with the current status and conventional industry practices. In face of the upsurge of new infrastructure, Alibaba's cloud ecosystem strategy of "integration" is not just the integration of business. It also requires comprehensive integration and strategical cooperation in terms of products, technologies, and schemes. Except for the reconstruction of technology, Alibaba Cloud will also reconstruct at full speed in organization mode, operation mode, and management mode. Alibaba Cloud will assist with new infrastructure through improvement in the new ecosystem.

From Expanding Ecosystems to Strengthening Ecology

The idea of "strengthening ecology" proposed this year will be the main theme of Alibaba Cloud's continuous cooperation with ecosystem partners in the future. Nowadays, digitization has become an inevitable trend of development, which can lead to the iteration and upgrade of hardware and software, and the reconstruction and innovation of organization mode, product form, and business process. In this context, Alibaba Cloud hopes to vigorously empower and support the ecosystem by "strengthening ecology" and "focusing on the industry". By doing so, Alibaba Cloud can embrace opportunities for new digital infrastructures in China and worldwide with its partners.

2020 is a critical year to build a rich application ecosystem on the cloud and new operating systems for customers. Recently, Alibaba Cloud set up a new ecosystem development department to build a prosperous ecosystem for application services based on Alibaba Cloud's on-cloud services and new operating systems. Guo Jijun, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem, said, "We hope to accelerate the healthier growth of our partners. In the market adversity, the company that grows rapidly will be the future trendsetter. Therefore, Alibaba Cloud will be more determined to improve itself in new infrastructure construction. At the same time, as a platform, we will work with our partners to create joint solutions to serve our end customers. We are also committed to creating the "strongest ecosystem." This is not only the mission of Alibaba Cloud this year but also the theme of continued cooperation with ecosystem partners in the future."

To work closely with partners, empower them, and strengthen ecology, this year, Alibaba Cloud also launched the "Cloud Gathering Plan". Alibaba Cloud plans to invest 2 billion yuan to help partners and enterprise users develop themselves. In addition, Alibaba Cloud will focus on 3,000 partners, helping them improve capabilities in all aspects. Alibaba Cloud also hopes to become a comprehensive partner with 300 partners, forming in-depth cooperation in products, technology, sales, and delivery to achieve contract performance together. Besides, Alibaba Cloud will help 50 partners achieve revenue of more than 100 million yuan on the cloud.

To achieve the goal of strengthening ecology and continuing to support ecosystem partners, Alibaba Cloud revealed several plans at the conference:

  1. "The Thousands of Stars Plan" for Ecosystem Partners: Alibaba Cloud ecosystem cooperates with multiple departments to build the "Marketing Platform for Alibaba Cloud's Ecosystem Partners." This platform empowers service-based, system-based, and tool-based operations for ecosystem partners. This plan can act as a comprehensive set of online marketing tools with a complete process, providing personalized dashboards of Alibaba Cloud's products and a visualized management console. These features can help partners efficiently carry out Alibaba Cloud distribution business.
  2. AIoT Alliance: Relying on about 20 partners, the AIoT Business Alliance combines Alibaba's IoT technology empowerment with partners' diversified business scenarios to jointly build a solution for the world of IoT.
  3. Alibaba's Middle Platform Alliance of Retail's On-Cloud Business: Based on Alibaba's years of experience in the field of business middle platform, the Alliance provides a new suite of platform-type products and methods. These products and methods aim at helping new retail enterprises in omni-channel marketing, operating full-domain members, and omni-channel supply chains. Working with many partners, the Alliance will build business applications for verticals and face common markets. In addition, the Alliance will help new retail enterprises to achieve multi-format and multi-channel integration quickly, complete business innovation, and accelerate the completion of digital transformation.

Being a Leader in the New Infrastructure Construction

In March 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee stressed the acceleration of "new infrastructure", including 5G infrastructure, big data centers, AI, and industrial Internet. The new infrastructure can benefit the development of new economies represented by the digital economy and act as a new part of economic growth. It can also promote the digital transformation of traditional industries and become a new important engine for the development of the national economy.

Facing opportunities, Alibaba Cloud needs to be a "leader in the new infrastructure construction" and work with ecosystem partners to embrace the new infrastructure. By empowering ecosystem partners in all directions, Alibaba Cloud will help customers achieve comprehensive digital transformation in the "new infrastructure construction". In addition to the aforementioned ecosystem solutions and alliances, the Accenture-Cloud Center of Joint Transformation and Migration Capabilities were also released at the conference, along with the Cloud-Native Alliance. Alibaba Cloud also announced the upgrade of the national distributor to the national distribution service provider. The Deloitte-Alibaba Cloud Global Business Unit was also established. Alibaba Cloud publicly released the SaaS product recruitment plan for Alibaba Cloud's partners and a series of exciting support plans for ecological empowerment. These plans will promote the high-quality development of partners' ecosystems.

Alibaba Cloud changes itself from a truth-teller to a plan-maker and from a listener to a practitioner. Facing difficulties and challenges in ecosystem construction, Alibaba Cloud shows us its courage and determination of continuous improvement and practices. Through its down-to-earth ecosystem construction, Alibaba Cloud makes it to the top after 10 years of development in the cloud computing market. Alibaba Cloud believes that in a few years, its partners can become "enterprises with assets of billions of yuan" though these joint solutions. Alibaba Cloud will work with its partners to open up new markets and take further steps for the digital industry!

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