Community Blog Cloud Enterprise Network Updates and Apsara Luoshen Network Stack

Cloud Enterprise Network Updates and Apsara Luoshen Network Stack

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is powered by Apsara Luoshen network system, the SDN (Software Defined Network) system developed by Alibaba Cloud.

Business Challenges

Today a large portion of organizations have already adopted cloud in dealing with use cases such as data backup, disaster recovery and DevOps. Going down the road of cloud migration, many organizations are planning to connect branch sites and mobile clients with the cloud in order to eliminate information silos and reduce IT costs.

Additionally, multi-national companies and fast-growing startups are choosing cloud to accelerate their business expansion worldwide. For these organizations, a global cloud network that connects headquarters, branches, data centers and mobile users across multiple regions becomes essential in achieving business success.


CEN new capabilities – full mesh cross region hybrid network

With the advent of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) last year, many organizations worldwide have built their global cloud network within a matter of a couple minutes, as opposed to several weeks or even months in the past.

Today we are glad to announce a couple of CEN new capabilities that allow our users to build enterprise class network in a more flexible, secure and robust manner.

  1. Rich connection options: Depending on your use case and requirement on network quality, Alibaba Cloud offers you several options to connect on premise networks to CEN. VPN Gateway is able to quickly connect your office branches to your CEN via an encrypted IPsec tunnel at relatively low costs. If a high network performance is desired, Express Connect (dedicated line access) is the choice to connect key assets such as data centers and headquarters to your CEN with leased line quality. Smart Access Gateway (SAG) is a plug and play hybrid cloud connection solution with almost no configuration and maintenance efforts. SAG is especially attractive to organizations with large number of branches, stores, or chain restaurants. SAG reduces the need for onsite IT support and offers a close to leased line quality.


  2. Full-mesh hybrid cloud: Once an on premise branch site or data center is connected to a CEN, the routing table will be announced to all the network components within this CEN. As a result, this on premise network is able to be fully connected with all the VPCs inside the CEN, and with all the other on premise networks that have established connection with the CEN.
  3. Dual link redundancy: For data centers that require more than one link to get connected with the cloud, CEN offers several link combinations that ensures redundancy and high availability. First, CEN supports two leased lines as primary and backup link. You may configure these links with dynamic BGP or static routes. Other combinations allows a leased line to work as the primary link while a VPN or SAG connection plays the role of a secondary link.


Apsara Luoshen Network System

CEN and more than a hundred other Alibaba Cloud products are powered by Apsara Luoshen network system, the SDN (Software Defined Network) system developed by Alibaba Cloud. Businesses of Alibaba Group such as E-commerce, logistics, online payment and online video relies on Apsara Luoshen system as well. The system has successfully supported key scenarios such as Double Eleven (China's Cyber Monday) when the peak deal transactions reached 325 thousand per second. During the FIFA World Cup, tens of millions of people have watched internet live broadcast that were delivered by Apasara Luoshen system.


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