Community Blog Automate and Enhance Your IT System with Alibaba AIOps Capabilities

Automate and Enhance Your IT System with Alibaba AIOps Capabilities

This short article discusses how Alibaba AIOps can automate and enhance IT systems

Today's IT organizations manage extremely complex and extensive infrastructures, which typically include a hybrid of private and public clouds and legacy on-premises architecture. IT leaders are thriving to serve the industries with expanded infrastructure and application solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations helps businesses gain an edge on the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies for IT Ops tasks and activities, such as Machine Learning and Natural Processing Language (NPL).

What Is AIOps?

AIOps works by automating the process of analyzing IT data and observing logs so IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams can detect digital-service disruptions earlier and resolve them immediately before they impact business operations and customers.

AIOps empowers Ops teams to handle the massive amount of data generated by their modern IT framework, preventing downtime and leaks, ensuring uptime, and achieving continuous service assurance.

AIOps connects big data with ML to generate predictive consequences that assist in faster root-cause analysis (RCA) and boost the mean time to repair (MTTR).

Capabilities of AIOps

The core elements and utility of AIOps provide DevOps, SRE, and ITOps teams with the agility they need to identify potential issues at an early stage, ensuring uptime and offering an optimal user experience. It is difficult for Ops teams to perform these tasks manually due to repetitive activities and difficult rule-based approaches.

The capabilities of AIOps include:

  1. Noise Reduction: AIOps reduces the noisy instances from big data, helping developers focus on core data functions. This decreases the time required to detect and solve concerns and the number of disruptions that negatively impact an organization's workflow.
  2. Correlation of Data: AIOps provides a holistic approach toward data and contextualizes the vision for infrastructure, network, storage, and application for on-premises cloud organizations by correlating the data across multiple mediums.
  3. Collaboration across the Team: AIOps provides seamless collaboration between multiple specialists and experts to provide a visionary approach to potential outages and downtime of various resources.
  4. Automating Recurring Tasks: The Operations Team can work efficiently by automating recurring tasks. The AIOps Team can streamline workflows through knowledge recycling and root-cause identification.

How Does AIOps Work?

AIOps works on a vast amount of data collected by hybrid cloud infrastructure over AI and ML implementations. It works in a pipeline to process the data in a manageable format. The typical pipeline of the data operation is listed below:

  1. Data Collection and Monitoring: The data is collected and filtered to monitor the baseline data. This helps the Ops Team identify the leak holes in data functionalities.
  2. Analyze and Optimize: The data is analyzed by data learning techniques to identify and predict infrastructural patterns. This prediction analysis can predict structural failures and identify actionable recommendations to avoid outages.
  3. Recommendations: At last, the necessary actions are recommended to the team to avoid downtime and keep the workflow streamlined.

How Does Alibaba Cloud Support AIOps?

Alibaba Cloud can support the notion of AIOps and provide users with easy data processing, service diagnosis, and prevention from resource fluctuations. It offers features based on Kubernetes best practices and troubleshoots possible concerns, suggesting the most effective techniques to avoid data inconsistencies.

Alibaba Cloud Log Service is a fully-featured cognitive log management platform that helps adopt AIOps in your organization. Log Service allows you to gather, store, analyze, evaluate, and interpret your logs on a single SaaS platform. The intelligent predictions powered by AI techniques save troubleshooting time.

The solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud to support AIOps are listed below:

  • Fully-Managed Log Management
  • AI Patrol
  • Flexible Alert Management
  • Multi-Source Data Storage
  • Aggregated Data Analytics
  • Full-Link Data Traceability

Discover How Click2Cloud Can Help Users Achieve a Better Operational Management System

Click2Cloud offers several products and services that support the concept of AIOps. It helps deliver proactive continued data connectivity without any failures and outages. It offers Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to solve operational problems and provides industry-specific data-driven solutions.

Click2Cloud is integrated with Alibaba Cloud AIOps solutions, can help you transform your data workloads, and provide seamless data delivery by analyzing data patterns and recommending best practices to avoid an outage.

The solutions can help reduce operational costs and downtime issues and improve system efficiency and seamless operations within the entire organization. Click2Cloud accelerates operational management by providing both on-premises and cloud data monitoring solutions by integrating with Alibaba migration projects, leading to an exceptional experience with data transactions.


Alibaba Cloud Log Service accelerates organizations' operations by providing seamless data solutions, improved data insights, and data behavior predictions based on data patterns.

Merge with Alibaba Cloud AIOps solutions to collect, store, analyze and visualize your log data and save troubleshooting time by predicting data fluctuations and integrating recommended solutions.

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