Community Blog Ant Group Joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge and Shared Patents with the World Free of Charge to Promote Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Ant Group Joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge and Shared Patents with the World Free of Charge to Promote Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

This short article discusses the details of Ant Group and the Low Carbon Patent Pledge.

By AntTech

On April 21, the eve of the 53rd World Earth Day, Ant Group formally joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge and promised to share seven green computing patents free of charge. According to this pledge, any individual, enterprise, and institution in the world can use these patents free of charge to help promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The Low Carbon Patent Pledge was established on World Earth Day in 2021 and was initiated by technology companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. It is an important low-carbon patent organization in the world.

Participation in the Low Carbon Patent Pledge will continue to open up the green computing technology system of Ant Group. Ant Group has shared its technical practice with the industry and the community through open-source technologies, academic papers, and algorithms. The practice includes green computing related technologies, such as Kata Containers and OceanBase, a native distributed database. Liang He, the President of the Trusted Native Technology Division of Ant Group and Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee of Ant Group, was quoted in an interview on the eve of World Earth Day. "From the perspective of serving the entire society, technology companies should be more proactive in promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction through technology. The scale of data will increase exponentially in the future. If technology companies can reduce unnecessary consumption in the process of processing, storing, and transmitting information, the data energy consumption of the whole society can be reduced exponentially. Ant Group has always been open to the R&D and exploration of green computing to the outside world, expecting to benefit the entire industry. On the one hand, we continue to open solid basic technologies, such as sharing the parts related to the operating system and cloud-native underlying components in an open-source way. On the other hand, for some parts that do not belong to engineering software, like intelligent algorithms, we share the methodology with peers through academic papers. We may commercialize some technologies to help solve the problem of carbon reduction in the future, but now, we will focus on benchmarking the world's best companies and making first-class technology."

Ant Group began to develop green computing technology in 2019 and applied it on a large scale for the first time during Double 11 in 2021. The relevant capabilities were built by multiple technical teams, such as Trusted Native, Technical Risk, native distributed database OceanBase, and Intelligent Engine.


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