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Alibaba Group Tackling Poverty through Technology

Alibaba Group is dedicated to cultivating talents and serving nonprofit organizations globally using technology.

At the 2018 XIN Philanthropy Conference, Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors, said: "Philanthropy is the best medicine for healing our planet and ourselves. Philanthropy is the best cure. "

Energizing philanthropy with platforms and technologies is a unique model for Alibaba's philanthropy. Alibaba Cloud, its subsidiary cloud computing company, also announced the latest "green bill" today: From September last year to August this year, the manpower, electric power and land resources saved through the use of cloud products and services by Alibaba Cloud users are equivalent to 3.84 million tons of carbon emissions, which is the equivalent to planting more than 26 million trees.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud is supporting philanthropy in various other ways. In May of this year, Alibaba Cloud announced at the Guizhou Big Data Expo that it launched a countrywide large-scale education poverty alleviation program. Alibaba Cloud will cooperate with the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education and the Big Data Administration of Guizhou Province in the first phase, and plans to provide free cloud computing and big data training and certification for more than 8,000 underprivileged students and technology practitioners in poverty-stricken areas of Guizhou within three years.


As early as 2016, the People's Government of Guizhou Province listed talent training as the main cooperation goal in the "Deepening Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement" signed with Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud established China's first big data college at the Guizhou Institute of Technology. In September of last year, the first batch of 295 undergraduates had enrolled. In 2017, more than 1,500 basic engineers were trained and certificated collectively by Alibaba Cloud and the Big Data Administration of Guizhou Province.

To solve certified students' employment problems, Alibaba Cloud also established the "Cloud Employment Alliance", which has cooperated with thousands of partners to provide employment opportunities for underprivileged students and technology practitioners in poverty-stricken areas.

Alibaba Cloud also built a technical philanthropy platform, "Green Code", which established bridges for professional volunteers in IT and Internet industries and nonprofit organizations, and completed the need matching, membership organizing and collaborative management for philanthropy programs. More than 1,700 professional technical volunteers have registered and become proud coders and technology professionals. Currently, "Green Code" has integrated with 89 nonprofit organizations such as China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Ai You Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

Alibaba's Global Philanthropic Efforts

Alibaba Group is dedicated to cultivating talents and serving nonprofit organizations globally using technology. In philanthropy, Alibaba Cloud perseveres.

In the face of rainstorms in Hunan, in order to prevent any epidemic outbreaks in the wake of the disaster, Alibaba Cloud and their ecological partner, Qianxun SI, used more than 50 drones to operate in 6 towns, and efficiently sprayed disinfectants using cloud computing and the BeiDou (Chinese satellite navigation system) system.

An 80-year-old man in Chengdu, Yu Xingyou, came up with the idea of "formulating genealogy using cloud computing", to find the "Yu" family worldwide. Again, Alibaba Cloud engineers and ecological partners spent three days building a "genealogy website" for the old man, collecting information about the family's 9 generations.

There are nearly 600 destitute households in Yanliang, Xi'an, mainly earning a living based on agriculture. Alibaba Cloud's ET Agricultural Brain enables a "one code" solution for local melon farmers, which monitors the whole life cycle of each melon. Alibaba Cloud also cooperates with the group's ecological forces of Tmall Fresh, Cainiao, and Ant Financial to enable the high-quality and traceable local melons to fetch good prices.

In Africa, Alibaba Cloud is planning to use IoT, big data and AI technology to protect wild elephants by attaching sensor collars to more wild elephants, and capturing 24-hour monitoring status and key activity areas of elephants with wild infrared cameras in real time, and using this data to predict possible herd movement and living patterns.

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