Community Blog ViaEurope Selects Alibaba Cloud as Trusted Cloud Service Provider to Tackle E-commerce Logistics Challenges

ViaEurope Selects Alibaba Cloud as Trusted Cloud Service Provider to Tackle E-commerce Logistics Challenges

Both parties will collaborate on the rollout of a joint smart logistics solution to support European customers with cross-border shipment.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3 October 2022 – Alibaba Cloud (AC), the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has been chosen by ViaEurope (VE) as its trusted cloud service provider for building intelligent logistics infrastructure and management systems in Europe.

In addition, both parties will collaborate on the rollout of a joint smart logistics solution in Europe, with the aim of supporting European customers’ growing cross-border e-commerce demands driven by the current wave of increased global shipments.


Photo caption: ViaEurope and Alibaba Cloud Collaborate to Tackle E-commerce Logistics Challenges
Raymond Ma, General Manager of Europe, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence (left) and Bram Jan Streefland, CEO, ViaEurope (right)

“We are excited about providing our resilient cloud computing services to support ViaEurope’s digital uplift of its logistics infrastructure,” said Raymond Ma, General Manager of Europe, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “Drawing on the strength of both parties’ digital technologies and logistics expertise, the joint smart logistics solution is designed to provide European customers with a reliable and cost-effective option for tackling today’s e-commerce logistics challenges.”

Patrick Heisiph, ViaEurope’s Chief Technology Officer commented: “As the breadth and scale of our business offerings grow, we are looking to find a reliable and flexible partner to host our infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud, with its diverse, innovative, and industry-leading products is a great match for our evolving application ecosystem. AC proprietary backbone in the APAC region will enable ViaEurope to provide an even faster and more stable service to our clients in and around mainland China.”

With Alibaba Cloud’s resilient and reliable cloud products - including network, security and cloud-native database - ViaEurope will continue to innovate and expand its in-house, cloud-based multi-sided logistics platform. It already connects different parts of the e-commerce logistics chain, including shipping, billing, clearing, VAT and the last mile delivery service. Moreover, AC will support the optimization of VE logistics solutions with optimized IT system efficiency, in a cost-effective way. It will also help ViaEurope capture business growth opportunities through intelligence-based business insights.

According to research, cross-border deliveries are expected to continue to surge as customers increasingly demand faster and more reliable deliveries. In light of the increasing growth of global shipments, both parties have launched a joint solution to facilitate European businesses’ cross-border logistics demands. This is another testimony to the companies’ commitment to solving the complexity of today’s e-commerce logistics. Leveraging the retail and logistics technologies and the know-how from Alibaba Cloud, along with the modern logistics infrastructure and dedicated services from ViaEurope, the solution aims to benefit European customers with reliable and intelligent logistics services for their cross-border shipments.

By combining modern technology and a dedicated service, ViaEurope has re-invented e-logistics and customs clearance, making global e-commerce to Europe easy and convenient. The Netherlands-based company has invested in smart warehouses / e-Hubs equipped with the latest available technology for sorting, scanning and parcel handling, including RFID. ViaEurope’s e-hubs are located in Amsterdam, Liege (Belgium) and Budapest (Hungary) are 100% dedicated to cross-border e-commerce.

Alibaba Cloud has been providing European customers with resilient and reliable cloud services for their digital transformation demands in sectors ranging from retail to logistics, automobile and gaming. Alibaba Cloud was ranked as the world’s third largest public cloud service provider by Gartner.

About ViaEurope

ViaEurope is an e-logistic company based in Amsterdam. Although it has been in the business of technology and logistics for five years already, the company still operates and grows with a start-up mindset. Technology is at the core of the company strategy. ViaEurope processes more than 350 tons or over 300,000 e-commerce parcels each day. The majority of its volume comes by air, sea, rail, and road and transit via its connected warehouses or e-HUBs located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Liege Airport in Belgium and now Budapest in Hungary. For more information check out our website viaeurope.com and our Linkedin profile.

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