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Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall Endorsed by Top Research Agencies

Alibaba Cloud establishes its presence in the global security market as its WAF product gains recognition by top research agencies, including Gartner and Frost & Sullivan.

According to the Asia-Pacific Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solution Market Analysis of 2017 published by Frost & Sullivan, Alibaba Cloud has been leading the Greater China market for the last two years, with an absolute advantage of 45.8% market share. Alibaba Cloud WAF was also recognized as a "Notable Vendor" in 2018's "Asia/Pacific Context: Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls" published by Gartner. This achievement not only proves the product ability and advantage of Alibaba Cloud WAF, but also validates the approval we received from our customers.

The tremendous growth of Alibaba Cloud in Asia-Pacific market was greatly driven by the increasing demand from BFSI and E-commerce sectors to protect web-based application in their cloud environment. While leveraging the strong capabilities of big data security analytics to deliver SaaS-based WAF service, Alibaba Cloud successfully expanded its business presence into the ASEAN market. This has further strengthened its leading position in the region and facilitates further growth in the market.

About Alibaba Cloud WAF

Alibaba Cloud WAF has 14 data centers in 6 regions including Australia, India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore, multiple languages are available for its support service including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and Korean. Alibaba Cloud WAF has built a multi-layer defense matrix based on thousands of built-in security policies against all kinds of web application attacks, as well as a powerful deep-learning detection engine and customizable rules for specific customer scenarios. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud WAF can be quickly and easily deployed and integrated with Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS, Anti-Bot and CDN services, providing a comprehensive web security solution covering both cloud side and client side, which effectively protects customer's business and data threatened by cyber-attacks.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud WAF

Alibaba Cloud WAF helps to protect your website against various web attacks and to guarantee website security and availability. It leverages both core defense capabilities and big data capabilities to achieve reliable web security.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud WAF is very functional:

  1. High-capacity cloud-based clusters able to handle tremendous traffic and surges, providing high availability based on multi-region services.
  2. Dual engine based on both regex and deep-learning, greatly increasing the accuracy of detection.
  3. Cloud threat and reputation intelligence, automatically updated security policies against high-risk 0-day vulnerabilities.
  4. Real-time threat dashboard, able to search and analyze tens of millions of requests within a few seconds, helping security team quickly estimate and understand current situation.

Application Scenarios of Alibaba Cloud WAF

Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) has been widely deployed in multiple industries such as financial, new retail, e-commerce, government, energy, airline, media, education, medical and Internet.

You can use Web Application Firewall to solve the following problems:

  1. Prevent data leaks and avoid intrusions from the malicious injections that may lead to core database leaks from the website.
  2. Prevent malicious HTTP flood attacks. Alibaba Cloud Security WAF can block a large-volume malicious requests to safeguard website availability.
  3. Prevent Trojans from being uploaded to webpages with the intention of tampering with the content and maintain the credibility of the website.
  4. Provide virtual patches to address the latest known website vulnerabilities, and provide quick fixes wherever required.

Alibaba Cloud WAF can be used by all Alibaba Cloud as well as non-Alibaba Cloud users. Alibaba Cloud WAF is ideal for providing web application security protection of various websites, including finance, e-commerce, O2O, Internet+, gaming, government, and insurance. Currently, Alibaba Cloud WAF is serving well-known customers such as AirAsia, China Railway, Philips, and Xinhua.

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Raja_KT March 3, 2019 at 9:05 am

Real-time threat dashboard feature maybe a good selling point.

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