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Alibaba Cloud WAF 3.0 Update Guideline

This is a guide for customers currently using Alibaba Cloud WAF 2.0 who want to upgrade to WAF 3.0.

Upgrading Alibaba Cloud WAF from Version 2.0 to 3.0

By Edwin Tack, Alibaba Cloud Technical Account Manager

This is a guide for customers currently using Alibaba Cloud WAF 2.0 who want to upgrade to WAF 3.0.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version, WAF 3.0, if possible, as Alibaba Cloud no longer offers technical support for WAF 2.0.

WAF 3.0 offers many advantages compared to WAF 2.0. It supports pay-as-you-go billing and allows you to increase or decrease bandwidth freely. Moreover, unlike WAF 2.0, Alibaba Cloud's Backend Team provides technical support and assistance. Learn more about the advantages of WAF 3.0: https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/en/web-application-firewall/latest/release-notice-of-waf-3-0

Please access your current WAF 2.0 instance to proceed with the upgrade. Click the Upgrade button shown in the following figure to initiate the WAF 3.0 upgrade:


You can see the WAF 3.0 upgrade method:


Now, you can choose the WAF 3.0 upgrade method. The upgrade methods are divided into three main options: Manual Batch Migration, One-Click Full Migration, and Rule Migration.


We highly recommend One-Click Full migration, which allows for the automatic transfer of policies and registered domains from your existing WAF 2.0. You can use One-Click Migration to update in real-time without any downtime. If any issues arise during the update, we provide fast support through the Alibaba Cloud ticketing system.

If you only want to migrate specific policies (such as whitelist or ACL), you can choose 8Rule Migration and select the policies you wish to move. We recommend One-Click Full Migration or Rule Migration over Manual Batch Migration, as the latter requires manual updates to WAF 3.0.

Please select your desired migration method and click Start Migration at the bottom to proceed with the migration:


The migration process typically takes about 15 minutes. When the migration starts, WAF 3.0 is automatically created, and the policies from WAF 2.0 are automatically transferred. In case the upgrade fails, an automatic rollback will be performed. If any issues occur, please contact technical support through the ticketing system for assistance.

(Rollback Execution)

If there are no issues with the configuration, the update will be completed, and you will see the following screen:


If you want to roll back to WAF 2.0 after the WAF 3.0 update, please select Rollback to WAF 2.0 under the Operation section. You can execute and confirm the rollback to WAF 2.0:


Afterward, click the Confirm Migration Completion button in the Migration Tool section on the left. Please try to complete the update process within a maximum of 15 days, as the option to confirm migration completion will be available for that duration.


We have also attached a more detailed document regarding the WAF 3.0 upgrade: https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/en/web-application-firewall/latest/waf-3-0-migration-wizard#86962fd414d1u

Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions regarding Alibaba Cloud WAF or other Alibaba Cloud services, please contact us at abckr@list.alibaba-inc.com.

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