Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Technical Salon | Building Data Utilization Platform with Alibaba Cloud Quick BI

Alibaba Cloud Technical Salon | Building Data Utilization Platform with Alibaba Cloud Quick BI

Learn what Quick BI is and how to build data utilization platform with Alibaba Cloud Cloud-Native BI.

Alibaba Cloud Quick BI is a next-generation intelligent business intelligence (BI) service platform. It is designed for users on the cloud. Quick BI allows you to analyze large amounts of data online in real time. It also supports drag-and-drop operations and rich visualization features to help you analyze data, explore business data, and generate reports. Quick BI is a tool that allows you to view data. It can also be used to accelerate digital operations.

The Benefits of Quick BI

  • Seamless integration with cloud databases: Supports multiple data sources, including cloud databases, relational databases, and Hadoop and MPP data sources.
  • Quick building of BI portals: Supports drag-and-drop operations and provides powerful data modeling capabilities and various visual charts to help you build BI portals.
  • Intelligent data analysis and interaction: Provides chatbots for intelligent data insights and alerts.
  • Data permission management: Supports member management and row-level permission management. Different users can be authorized to view different parts of a report.
  • BI Copilot: Leveraging the capabilities of Tongyi Qianwen, Quick BI intelligently supports dashboard building, intelligent querying, and one-click beautification through natural language dialogue.

To learn more, please watch the Alibaba Cloud Technology Salon:

Enhance your expertise with Alibaba Cloud Quick BI! Our recent Technical Salon on "Building Data Utilization Platform with Alibaba Cloud Quick BI" is now available for viewing.

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What you'll learn:

  • An introduction to the intelligent Quick BI service with AI copilot.
  • How to construct a Data Utilization Platform using Alibaba Cloud-Native BI.

Gain valuable insights from Alibaba Cloud experts:

  • Ruochen Pan, Alibaba Cloud Product Solution Architect with deep expertise in data modeling and E-Commerce operations.
  • Hironobu Izumi, Senior Solutions Architect, bringing extensive big data platform experience to the table.
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