Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Announces Price Cuts on Core Products to Fuel AI Growth in China

Alibaba Cloud Announces Price Cuts on Core Products to Fuel AI Growth in China

Alibaba Cloud last week announced price reductions across many of its core products to encourage a broader uptake of cloud services.


Last week, Alibaba Cloud cut prices on over 100 public cloud products by up to 55% to make cloud capabilities more accessible to corporate customers and developers in China.

The price reduction applies to orders placed via Alibaba Cloud official websites for a range of cloud products from Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Object Storage Service and database product categories, with an average 20% reduction.

“With the rapidly increasing amount of data in China, businesses will need robust, high performance and cost-effective computing power to help handle and analyze the data before turning them into actionable intelligence,” said Liu Weiguang, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s President of Public Cloud Business.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using cloud server ECS u1 Instance -2C4G for a five-year package will save 36% with the price reduction. Users of database products will also cut 40% of their costs when opting for the five-year plan for the on-demand database hosting service ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL -1C2G.

Alibaba Cloud also rolled out special annual packages of RMB99 ($13.76) and RMB199 for its elastic computing products. Individual developers and SMEs can tap the entry-level elastic computing products to handle tasks such as the development of small-to-medium scale websites, software development testing, mini-apps or applications developments.

Alibaba Cloud said the price adjustment aims to unleash the potential of China’s digital market while making cloud capabilities more inclusive and accessible in the AI era.

The cloud computing company previously announced in 2023 that it’s cutting the prices for products such as cloud computing, storage, database and security.

“We aim to become the most open cloud and help our customers to turn AI into productivity,” said Liu.

This article was originally published on Alizila, written by Elizabeth Utley and Ivy Yu.

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