Community Blog Alibaba Cloud ACtivate 2019 Online Conference Recap: Day 1

Alibaba Cloud ACtivate 2019 Online Conference Recap: Day 1

Alibaba Cloud ACtivate online conference helps business leaders develop their strategic roadmaps by taking advantage of the rapidly-evolving opportunities of technology.

Watch the replay of this ACtivate Conference session to challenge assumptions and explore what is possible through digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud ACtivate 2019 online conference kicked off with a blast on March 5th, 2019. With 10 experts from Alibaba Cloud presenting, the conference focused on helping leaders develop strategic roadmaps to drive impact by taking advantage of the rapidly-evolving opportunities of technology. It also provided step-by-step introduction to Alibaba Cloud's core products and solutions to help businesses jump-start their digital transformation.

In the first edition of this conference, we covered strategic insights in digital transformation for CXOs and decision makers, and provided technical readiness and trainings required for IT professionals and developers. Day 1 of ACtivate was tailored to business leaders and decision makers of companies who are driven to shape their future success through digital transformation.

Welcome and Introduction to Alibaba Cloud

Leon Chen, Country Manager of Singapore and Indonesia

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As a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both our international customers' online businesses and Alibaba Group's own e-commerce ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud has helped boost the miracle growth of Alibaba Group Online Business, including supporting the record-breaking 2018 Double 11 Shopping Festival. As one of the biggest cloud service providers globally, Alibaba Cloud now ushers into a new era through continual innovation. Our comprehensive suite of products and solutions are injected with the DNA of business intelligence along with smarter cloud computing services.


How Alibaba Cloud Empowers the ASEAN Market

Derek Wang, Chief Cloud Architect, Alibaba Cloud International

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ASEAN is a unique market, and as a global cloud services provider with an Asian origin, Alibaba Cloud is committed to leverage our knowledge and experience to build a sustainable regional ecosystem and enrich our offerings to meet the needs of our customers in this digital age. This webinar discusses how Alibaba Cloud empowers the ASEAN market through Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Digital Media, and our comprehensive suite of ET Brain solutions.


Compliance in the Digital World-Security and Protocols

Larry Liu, Head of Security Compliance and Privacy

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At Alibaba Cloud, we are committed to our customers around the world. We understand the importance of international data protection standards and will help ensure security interests for countries globally are respected. We adopt industry standards and best practices to safeguard customer data, and maintain their interoperability with our existing enterprise security controls.

Similar to other large internet companies around the world, at times Alibaba Cloud is required by law to provide records to government authorities during an investigation or in the course of litigation. Such scenarios include cooperating with legal authorities to collect evidence for investigations into criminal cases, assisting regulators with security checks according to legal requirements, and assisting relevant authorities in anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy activities.

Watch this webinar to find out how Alibaba Cloud can help you protect your data security and privacy with our wide range of international and regional compliance and certifications.


Enabling Business Success in Digital China

Lin Zhiyuan, Business Development Manager, Singapore

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Is your business is looking at establishing a business presence in China and around APAC, developing a go to market strategy, or figuring how to deliver the best online experience for your customers?

Since the early 2000's a web presence has been the cornerstone for most consumer businesses. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining a web presence in China, there is little written guidance available in English. China has a system of regulating websites which requires every commercial website hosted in Mainland China to be registered and licensed there. With the help of advisors from Alibaba Cloud and our partners, we can help you smoothen the application process.

In this webinar, we shall examine compliance and regulatory issues that are specific to the country, and explore various multiple IT architectures suitable for different business needs.

We shall also share how our comprehensive cloud infrastructure and unrivaled expertise create efficiencies that will save time and provide a better online experience for your customers in China and around APAC.


How Organization Creates a Competitive Data Edge

Pradeep Menon, Director of Big Data and AI Solutions

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Digital transformation has data running through its veins. Data is the new oil, and AI refines the new oil. However, to harness data in this new world, organizations need to create data-driven strategies. Organizations need to embrace new technologies and adopt new data architectural patterns to harvest their data assets.

Successful AI transformations require data, business and cultural transformations, including:

  • Identifying use-cases and articulating business needs.
  • Breaking down data silos and identifying high-value data.
  • Building or buying the right tools and adopting a fail-fast approach.
  • Integrating AI into workplace processes and optimizing human/machine interfaces.
  • Adopting an open, collaborative culture and building trust in AI insights.

This talk will cover how organizations can leverage cloud, big data and AI technologies to harness data and create value out of it. This talk will also discuss how data products in Alibaba Cloud can be woven together to create an agile data-driven architecture.


Alibaba New Retail – A Holistic and Concise Look

Charles Tse, Principle Industry Advisor

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The term New Retail was coined by Jack Ma in 2016. However, to some, the concept is a bit abstract.

Alibaba Cloud Retail solutions help improve the customers' shopping experience by providing BOTH online and offline solutions to give the customers a better, more immersive experience. By understanding the customers, competitors, and the physical venue, smarter and more effective business decisions can be made. The resulting benefits will easily outweigh the efforts and costs of adopting this new approach to your businesses. Alibaba Cloud Retail solutions can help you collect, process, and analyze all the data necessary to make this possible.

Audience at different stages of the new retail journey should find this broadcast useful. This webinar aims at explaining New Retail in a more holistic fashion, while at the same time not including too much details. Topics will cover new retail concepts, new retail solutions, new retail, and digital transformation. The webinar also provides a step-by-step guide that will give organization a taste and a sense of where to start.


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Wherever I am travelling now in India, Bangalore or other cities, I remember 6 things ET (City, Environment, Medical, Finance, Industrial,Aviation) and many other use-cases of IoT, Cloud, Infra... It is sad that we do not resort to using latest Technologies.

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