Community Blog How Big Data is Helping Logistics Firms Fly High

How Big Data is Helping Logistics Firms Fly High

Find out how big data is driving the logistics and transport industry forward in our Global Industry Best Practices for Logistics and Transportation whitepaper.

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Find out more about how big data is driving the logistics and transport industry forward in our Global Industry Best Practices on Alibaba Cloud for Logistics and Transportation whitepaper.

The logistics and transportation industry is changing fast, with new technologies and business models providing companies with an opportunity to meet growing customer demands and compete with new market entrants.

At Alibaba Cloud, we’ve helped businesses both large and small meet the needs of the changing face of logistics.

In this blog post, we introduce two such companies, explaining how our suite of cloud-based solutions have helped them optimize their operations and deliver value across the supply chain during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

Meet Cainiao

Cainiao is the logistics arm of Alibaba Group. The business relies heavily on cloud computing, helping Cainiao save an estimated 260 million hours a day in delivery time.

Cainiao’s logistics platform provides buyers and sellers with real-time information on their products. Recently, the company worked with Alibaba Cloud to build intelligence into this platform, using machine learning models and algorithms to provide a range of data-driven solutions.

Cainiao now operates five networks through Alibaba Cloud, which provide shipping companies and express carriers with everything they need to identify the best delivery route. These smart solutions have also helped Cainiao make accurate volume forecasts, and enabled address standardization and new e-shipping business models.

The company’s warehouse and domestic fulfilment centers use an AI-enabled smart supply chain to track supply and demand. As a result, packages can be monitored as they move around the world, including in the last mile of transit, using IoT-based communications.

These cloud solutions were put to the test during the latest Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. During the 2020 event, AliExpress worked with Cainiao and other last-mile logistics partners to shorten its cross-border delivery times.

As a result, selected goods reached consumers in Spain and France within 10 working days, 30 percent faster than normal delivery times.

Cainiao has continued to improve its services over the years, using data intelligence and machine learning. These solutions are now implemented at all stages of the parcel delivery process, streamlining the supply chain and helping to optimize it now and in the years ahead.

Introducing HK Express

HK Express is Hong Kong’s only low-cost aircraft carrier. We recently worked with this emerging airline, helping it address its data protection and system privacy needs.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) resolved the airline’s latency issues, providing content from over 2,800 nodes across six continents at 120 Tbps bandwidth.

CDN helped HK Express cope with peaks in demand, seamlessly delivering content and accelerating the response to user requests. As a result, the airline’s response times and transaction rates were reduced to less than several milliseconds.

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) provided HK Express with real-time monitoring of its servers to ensure their high availability and protecting against a broad range of cyber threats, detecting and blocking any malicious traffic directed at HK Express’s websites and applications.

Thanks to our cloud-based solutions, HK Express achieved the performance it required to grow its business, connecting with Chinese ISPs through our multiple BGP dynamic routing protocol connections.

This combination of technologies helped HK Express’ profits soar during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival shopping festival in China. “In addition to outstanding technology and products, Alibaba Cloud has a strong support team who are willing to work closely with our engineers, and that is vital to our success,” according to the HK Express web IT infrastructure team.

Discover More

Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider with extensive experience in the logistics and transportation industry. To find out more about our work with HK Express and others, download our Global Industry Best Practices on Alibaba Cloud for Logistics and Transportation whitepaper.

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