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Alibaba Cloud Industrial IoT Platform for Industrial Manufacturing

This article discusses how Alibaba Cloud Industrial IoT Platform interconnects the upstream and downstream processes of industrial manufacturing.

From the IoT Team

Interconnecting upstream and downstream of industrial manufacturing is critical for the modern industrial manufacturing field.

Manufacturing devices are interconnected over the Internet. Faulty devices can be maintained in time, and big data can be used in preventive maintenance, reducing unscheduled downtime. If the production capacity can be integrated with the supply chain, manufacturers can make better plans so that products can be delivered to customers on time.

On August 30, Alibaba Cloud Industrial IoT Platform was officially launched, aiming to provide manufacturing enterprises with a secure, efficient, economic, and easy-to-deploy solution which serves diversified industrial fields and interconnects the links of the industrial manufacturing process. Quite some industrial IoT platforms are available in the market. What makes Alibaba Cloud Industrial IoT Platform so special?

  1. One-Stop Platform for Building Industrial IoT Applications

    When the traditional industrial IoT builds applications, it must integrate multiple resources, such as end device development, cloud environment building and O&M, cloud application development, and even big data applications. This raises high requirements for the integration party. In addition, the fragmentation phenomenon is serious among industrial applications, it takes a long time to complete the end-to-end application integration, and the cost is high.


    Alibaba Cloud Industrial IoT Platform is optimized based on the powerful Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform. It integrates various Alibaba Cloud resources to provide users with a one-stop platform for building industrial IoT applications. As shown in the figure, the platform provides support for users in the following aspects: end device, edge computing, cloud platform, and application solution.

  2. End Device Access SDK and AliOS Things

    Alibaba Cloud provides the access SDK and the AliOS Things operating system to enable the existing or newly developed industrial devices to quickly access the cloud platform in various ways, and synchronize the collected information to the cloud platform to realize data interworking between devices and between devices and systems. This helps enterprises quickly learn the running status and real-time production capacity of devices.

  3. Edge Computing Gateway Platform that Supports Real-Time Local Computing

    In the industrial manufacturing process, the amount of real-time data is huge and data must be pre-processed. To address these requirements, the IoT Platform provides the software platform of the edge computing gateway. On one hand, the edge computing gateway can obtain the device information through the traditional industrial field bus. On the other hand, the edge computing gateway provides capabilities such as stream computing, function compute, and database to cleanse local data and even run the parameter optimization algorithms that have undergone the in-depth training over the cloud, thus implementing real-time computing and instant parameter optimization.

  4. Simultaneous Device and Project Management

    On the cloud platform, devices connected to the platform are managed based on a unified model. Each device is assigned an independent ID to ensure the uniqueness of the device. Alibaba Cloud's years of experience in attack defense is integrated to safeguard the device connections. Moreover, the hardware encryption service is added for the IoT environment, and the HTTP2-based file transfer service and OSS-based device historical data archive service are added for the industrial environment. All these services are provided for the external in form of APIs to facilitate users' integration.

    For industrial applications, an application is often characteristics of a project. Users can integrate different Alibaba Cloud products (such as ECS, RDS, Message Queue, Rule Engine, and Function Compute), and use the configuration development tools and data source tools to quickly build and release an industrial IoT application at a click on the operating environment provided by the platform by using the drag-drop operations and graphical configuration. The configuration development mode, which is often used in industries, helps industrial users reduce the time and economic costs spent on learning Internet development, and spare the costs for building and O&M of the Internet application operating environment. In this way, users can focus on applications, and use their familiar development modes and logic to develop applications like developing the traditional SCADA system. They can quickly implement the business logic by binding the field tags to charts and configuring rules and scripts.


    In addition, the IoT Platform implants native services, such as user management, device permission management, and message notification in the configuration development environment to further reduce the development difficulties for users.

  5. Open Platform APIs

    To adapt to more large-sized and more complex industrial IoT applications and meet the massive industrial data analysis requirement in the future, the Platform abstracts the access to the project data sources and is opened to the external through APIs. Users can use other Alibaba Cloud products or self-developed third-party applications to perform in-depth analysis on and use data generated by projects. In addition, the analysis results can be returned to devices through the Platform for parameter optimization or logic control, realizing intelligent manufacturing in the true sense.

    In 2017, China's State Council officially released the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Internet plus Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Developing the Industrial IoT", which proposes enhancement of the industrial IoT supply capability and continual improvement of industrial IoT in China.

As a pioneer in the industrial IoT field, Alibaba Cloud has widely deployed its IoT in the industrial IoT field and cooperate with several provinces, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Chongqing, to launch industrial IoT products, implementing intelligent manufacturing for the local manufacturing enterprises and achieving the effects of reduced costs and improved efficiency.

To learn more about Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform, visit www.alibabacloud.com/product/iot

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