Community Blog Let's Welcome Our New Batch of MVPs

Let's Welcome Our New Batch of MVPs

After several rounds of evaluation, 17 experts have been awarded as Alibaba Cloud Global MVP in June 2018, making the MVP community stronger than ever before.

Over the past three months, we had received numerous applications from enthusiastic and motivated professionals all around the globe. After several rounds of evaluation, 17 experts have been awarded as Alibaba Cloud Global MVP members in June 2018. They will join our previous MVPs in sharing personal experience on technologies and best practices, making the MVP community stronger than ever before.

The Alibaba Cloud MVP program is designed to find and reward those who are as passionate and knowledgeable about our technology as we are. Till now, the MVP program has expanded its reach to 16 regions, with more than 200 professionals expertizing in a broad range of technical fields and key industries, including IoT, Fintech, A.I, Big Data, VR, genetic sequencing, and cloud security. Our MVPs are IT professionals who have shown a dedication to teaching others how to fully understand and get the most value out of Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Meet Our New MVP Members

We're delighted to introduce all new 17 MVPs from the fifth batch to you. Join us to welcome all the new MVPs to the Alibaba Cloud MVP team!

  1. Jeff Cleverley
  2. John Hanley
  3. William Yap
  4. Arslan ud Din Shafiq
  5. Andrzej Suski
  6. Marcus Ross
  7. Ulv Bjørnsson
  8. Alberto Roura
  9. Abdul Hafeez Memon
  10. Alexander Leenen
  11. Ponraj Krishnapandi
  12. Faruk Terzioglu
  13. Wang Zhen
  14. Sameer Ahmed Shaikh
  15. Ma Xiaoxu
  16. Rolf Peltzer
  17. Eli Landon

What Do Our MVP Members Have to Say About the Cloud Industry?

Due to the blog length constraint, we can only highlight quotes from 6 MVP members. You can learn more about other MVPs from the MVP page.

John Hanley, Enterprise Architect at NeoPrime, LLC, United States


"I am very excited to work with Alibaba Cloud and their users. Alibaba is the most promising new company in the world cloud market and I like being on the ground floor learning everything as they build their market share. My experiences working with the Alibaba Cloud teams is nothing short of amazing."

Alberto Roura, DevOps Engineer at Studio None, Australia


"The cloud industry is in at an interesting moment, as there is a lot of growth and opportunities in niche markets. Me, as a MVP member will help to show how capable Alibaba Cloud can be in the bigger picture."

William Yap, Chief Data Scientist at Artificial Intelligence Malaysia, Malaysia


"In this new digital world, it is imperative for businesses to embrace the Cloud to successfully integrate cutting-edge technologies to their business processes. I look forward to working together with Alibaba Cloud and other MVPs to help facilitate Cloud adoption in Southeast Asia."

Wang Zhen, CTO at Hellotoby, Hong Kong


"With newest technology, for example, Big Data, AI and Cloud, O2O business can do more than the last generation O2O startups. To help developing a more powerful platform is one of my goal as a MVP."

Sameer Ahmed Shaikh, Presales Consultant at IngramMicro, Dubai


"Cloud is now the mechanism that is helping drive the transformation to enable the speed and innovation that business needs today. Cloud Computing is unlocking new efficiency and driving innovation for organizations.Together with other MVPs, I would be able to exchange ideas, learn from them, do more, and together we can be a strong advocate for Alibaba Cloud Products & Services."

Arslan ud Din Shafiq, Software Engineer at Geterhost, Pakistan


"The technology is just like breath for an industry. Today, the success of every industry, every business, and every field is dependent on technology. Being a software engineer and a web developer, I would love to share my experience and work regarding utilization of technology with other business and industries."

Alibaba Cloud MVP (Most Valuable Professional) is a platform for cloud computing's up-and-coming opinion leaders to showcase their knowledge and passion for growing the developer community.

With the help of our esteemed MVPs, we aim to further educate the global developer community on breakthrough technologies and technical best practices.

Join Us!

If you have a passion for keeping well-informed of the latest cutting-edge technologies and enjoy sharing your knowledge base with the greater developer community, or just want to grow your influence as an opinion leader, then the Alibaba Cloud MVP is the perfect platform for you.

Learn how to apply by visiting

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Raja_KT February 12, 2019 at 5:57 am

Nice. I feel that Alibaba Cloud should treasure MVPs and keep them within the gambit especially those who build bridges and fuel them more so that they can travel faster to reach higher heights on all aspects within their capacity. It is hard to find motivated people.My personal feeling.