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The Computing Conference 2017

October 11-14 | Hangzhou, China


About The Computing Conference 2017

Hosted by Alibaba Group, The Computing Conference is a major worldwide event in the field of cloud computing. The conference covers all the latest trends in frontier technologies, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI.

The Computing Conference is an annual event, which is held in several major cities around China, including Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, and Hangzhou. The event in Hangzhou event is the largest one and the focal point of the conference, held in October 2017.

  • 40,000


  • 600


  • 800


  • 500

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    $15Early Bird (before Sep 1)

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    $30Early Bird (before Sep 1)

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    Admission to one music festival

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Livestream Schedule

  • October 11 Wednesday, 9:00 am, UTC + 8
  • October 12 Wednesday, 9:00 am, UTC + 8
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Hot Topics

  • Big Data

    Best practices in big data analysis and applications with Alibaba Cloud. Topics include the evolution of big data architecture, the latest technologies, and exploring the value of big data.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The latest technologies and successful applications in AI from top experts. Explore AI applications in a variety of areas, such as image, video, voice, advertising, search, and recommendation systems. Learn about the latest AI technologies, including large-scale search, intelligent hardware, depth identification, reinforcement learning, and depth synthesis.

  • IoT

    Applications of IoT in different areas, including home, industry, and urban construction. Sessions will also cover Alibaba Cloud intelligent IoT solutions, powered by cloud computing and big data.

  • Enterprise-Class Internet Architecture

    Alibaba Cloud, a world leading Internet technology innovator, helps enterprise customers quickly build large-scale distributed applications to meet innovative business requirements. Our technology also helps to speed up the transformation of traditional enterprise infrastructure into an Internet-enabled architecture.

  • Security

    The security panel focuses on Alibaba Cloud security technologies and solutions, which successfully protect millions of business customers from cyberattacks. Topics include security frameworks and workflows, addressing the various security risks that businesses may encounter.

  • Data Center

    Alibaba Cloud's experience and best practices in data centers, covering green data center technologies, intelligent data center networks, infrastructure refactoring, and high performance heterogeneous computing.

  • New Retail

    Multiple perspectives on new retail, including technology, business, logistics, and supply chain.

  • Alibaba Cloud Products & Solutions

    A comprehensive introduction of Alibaba Cloud, ranging from Alibaba Cloud product family and vertical solutions to business scenarios, such as financial, gaming, multimedia, and manufacturing.


  • Learn Keynote presentations from top Alibaba leaders and experts, including Jack Ma. Over 500 lectures from experts and practitioners on the latest technologies.
  • Network Over 40,000 developers, IT professionals, thought leaders, tech media, and cloud enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Celebrate Meet China's top celebrities at the music festival, or join other cloud enthusiasts in the evening run.

The Computing Conference 2016


Venue: Yunqi Town International Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China