Comprehensive and professional after-sales support services and plans tailored to all your business requirements

Professional Services

Provides customers with professional services including cloud migration, live event support, application consulting, and technology management to ensure secure and stable cloud business operations. Learn more

  • Cloud Migration

    Alibaba Cloud provides customers with cloudification consulting, design and implementation of migration to the cloud, and post-migration technical support services.

  • Cloud System Expert Support

    Alibaba Cloud's team of experts tests your system capacity, provides support on management scheme, system optimization and disaster tolerance, and plans an emergency response mechanism.

  • Professional Technical Support

    Alibaba Cloud provides customers with application consulting, database and other advanced technical services to ensure the stability of your cloud businesses.

  • Security Services

    Alibaba Cloud’s security experts provide professional security services to help customers protect important assets on the cloud and reduce information security management costs.

Service Partners

ASP works with consulting and service providers of various sizes to help you design, build, construct, migrate, and manage your Alibaba Cloud system and applications.Learn more

Cloud Migration Partners

ASP cloud migration partners help you transform your infrastructure by ensuring smooth cloud migration planning and implementation.

Architecture Design Partners

ASP architecture optimization partners provide you with app and product architecture consulting as well as service optimization based on best practices on the Internet.

Consulting Partners

Professional teams of ASP consulting partners are at your service to help you navigate any issues you may encounter and ensure a pleasant cloud experience.

Technology Managed Partners

ASP Technology Managed Partners provide a one-stop solution to cover all your IT operation and management needs.