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E-Jan International

Company Introducation

As part of the secure ecosystem, E-Jan International hosts and maintains “CACHATTO Access Points” (CAP) which act as relay servers to transfer data between end-users and their internal servers. Its service emphasizes and prioritizes on providing connections between corporate’ internal network to its staff in order to BYOD practices and a flexible work style.

The ecosystem that was first developed and marketed more than 10 years ago has become the choice for 750 enterprises worldwide ranging from SMEs to the majority of large enterprises. CACHATTO has been evolving and progressing together with user’s needs and experiences. Every improvement or modification was the direct results based on thorough analysis and research.

To ensure that CACHATTO would be best utilized in China, E-Jan International was actively searching for alternative solutions or platforms to leverage on bringing the best possible connection for its users in China.

E-JAN International’s team of engineers were evaluating other systems until they were introduced to Alibaba Cloud and what it offers as a leading global cloud service provider. The company quickly reached out to Alibaba Cloud to learn more about its services and specifications. It did not take long for the company to decide on proceeding with setting up its very first CAP on Alibaba Cloud.

The whole process of registering, initiating was smooth and painless. The first CAP was ready for testing in 5 days from the time of initiation. Subsequently, rigorous tests were carried out for over 2 weeks with developers, engineers and even customers all had their runs on the newly set up access point. The performance was superb in terms of connectivity for companies based in China and for the entire trial period, not a single problem encountered.

Since July 2015, E-Jan International has set up more access points in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US with aims to expand to Europe, Japan and other parts of Asia.

Alibaba Cloud is and will be with E-Jan international every step in the cloud.