Alibaba Cloud DNS

Provides a stable, fast, secure, and smart DNS resolution management service for all types of domain names

Alibaba Cloud DNS Pricing

Feature Value Price (Month/USD ) Price (Year/USD )
DNS Query Protection 20 000 QPS US$0.1478 US$1.7741
DNS Query Protection 100 000 QPS US$2.2177 US$26.6122
DNS Query Protection 200 000 QPS US$3.6961 US$44.3537
DNS Query Protection 300 000 QPS US$5.1746 US$62.0952
DNS Query Protection 400 000 QPS US$6.6531 US$79.8367
DNS Query Protection 500 000 QPS US$8.1315 US$97.5781
Minimum TTL 120s US$0.0739 US$0.8871
Minimum TTL 60s US$0.1478 US$1.7741
Minimum TTL 10s US$0.2957 US$3.5483
Minimum TTL 1s US$0.4435 US$5.3224
Subdomain Level 6 US$0.0739 US$0.8871
Subdomain Level 7 US$0.1478 US$1.7741
Subdomain Level 8 US$0.2957 US$3.5483
Subdomain Level 9 US$0.4435 US$5.3224
Subdomain Level 10 US$0.5914 US$7.0966
A record count 10 US$0 US$0
A record count 20 US$0.7392 US$8.8707
A record count 30 US$3.6961 US$44.3537
A record count 40 US$6.6531 US$79.8367
A record count 50 US$9.6100 US$115.3196
A record count 60 US$12.5669 US$150.8026
A record count 70 US$30.3084 US$363.7004
A record count 80 US$36.2222 US$434.6663
A record count 90 US$42.1360 US$505.6322
China ISP line default, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Edu US$0 US$0
World Lines (non-China based lines) world US$0 US$0
World Lines (non-China based lines) continent US$0.7392 US$8.8707
World Lines (non-China based lines) Countries US$1.4785 US$17.7415
SearchEngineRobots SearchEngineRobots, GoogleRobots, BaiduRobots, BingRobots US$0 US$0
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct 2 US$0 US$0
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct 3 US$0.4435 US$5.3224
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct 4 US$0.8871 US$10.6449
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct 5 US$1.3306 US$15.9673
Tips: * Prices in the sales system are rounded off and are for reference only.