You can integrate Function Compute and Log Service (SLS) to implement fully-managed streaming data processing. Then, you can use functions to perform custom processing on log data. This topic describes how to configure an SLS trigger. In this example, SLS calls Function Compute, and Function Compute obtains and prints logs.


You can configure an SLS trigger. By using this trigger, you can regularly obtain updated data and trigger functions to incrementally consume data from a Logstore. You can also perform a custom processing task in the function, such as a data cleansing task or a data processing task, and ship data to a third-party service. This example only shows how to obtain and print log data.

Note The function used to process data can be a template provided by SLS or your custom function.

Trigger configuration process

Function Compute allows you to configure a trigger in the following ways:


For more examples, see Developer Guide.