Alibaba Cloud Command Line Interface (Alibaba Cloud CLI) is an open source tool built on the Alibaba Cloud SDK for Go. You can use the aliyun command to interact with other Alibaba Cloud services to manage your Alibaba Cloud resources.

Alibaba Cloud CLI can directly access the Alibaba cloud product OpenAPI. You can manage and maintain your own Alibaba Cloud resources by developing the shell script based on Alibaba Cloud CLI. Make sure that you have activated the cloud product you want to use and understand the API usage of the product.

You can check out the aliyun-cli repository on GitHub. If you encounter any problems while using Alibaba Cloud CLI, you can submit feedback by using GitHub Issue. Doing so can help Alibaba Cloud improve the overall user experience of Alibaba Cloud CLI.


Alibaba Cloud CLI has the following features:
  • Cloud resource management:

    Alibaba Cloud CLI is a management tool based on Alibaba Cloud OpenAPI. You can directly call the APIs of Alibaba Cloud by using command lines. You can also manage and maintain your resources on the cloud without the need to log on to the console.

  • Multi-product integration:

    Alibaba Cloud CLI integrates the functions of the core products of Alibaba Cloud such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Server Load Balancer (SLB). By using Alibaba Cloud CLI, you can configure and manage all of your Alibaba Cloud services by using the same command line interface, allowing you to achieve real multi-product integration.

  • Multi-version OpenAPI compatibility:

    Alibaba Cloud CLI is fully compatible with the APIs of the several versions of the products and services at Alibaba Cloud. With the Alibaba Cloud CLI tool, you can use the specific command to call the required version, allowing you to switch between different versions quickly and easily.

  • Multi-account support:

    Alibaba Cloud CLI has multi-account support. You can define different accounts in the Alibaba Cloud CLI tool and customize different execution permissions so to meet the hierarchical permission grading requirements of your services.

  • Command auto-completion:

    In Linux, UNIX, and macOS environments, the command auto-completion function is available. As a result, you can perform operations easily without the need to memorize complex product commands. However, currently, only bash/zsh Shell environments support this function.

  • Multiple output formats:

    For easy viewing or collaborative programming, several output formats are supported. Currently, both JSON and table formats are supported. You can select the output format you want according to your needs.

  • Online help:

    You can use the help command to see what are the currently available operations and the parameter information available for the current operation.

  • Multi-system support:

    Alibaba Cloud CLI can be installed and used on multiple operating systems, including all the major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix.