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Setup a Mantis

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018

In this article, we will describe how to use the Simple Application Server to build a Mantis open source bug tracking system.

1. Create a server

Access the Purchase page of Simple Application Server, and then select the LAMP image, choose the subscription and the service period, submit the order, and then make the payment.6354c12a-25eb-4a45-a027-4ca519ef449c.png

2. View application information

After the server has been created successfully, click the LAMP Simple Application Server card on the Server List page.811de245-e648-4e96-9c85-1976a4385b5f.png

Choose Application Management > App Details52f2f753-4dfa-4252-8b2d-a1dadf106b4d.png

View and record the related information of the pre-installed LAMP development environment803ff6e2-df8d-4a4b-9f15-3c3553679981.png

Select the command, right click, and then select Copy in the context menu1d048017-5a64-4f94-99ee-543857005320.png

Enable the Remote Connection function at the upper-right Cornerf71f6e67-71e9-41f0-890a-1a898aa71749.png

After the connection has been established successfully, paste the copied command into the remote connection window, and press the Return key to execute.72ba60f0-9b86-474c-8b00-9c66956fe8ff.png

You will be able to see the related information of the pre-installed LAMP development environment after the command has been executed.ffdaf155-c95d-4f24-a2d9-e3757b5ca066.png

3. Install Mantis

Switch to a root user in the remote connection window

  1. sudo su root

, and then log on to the default site, and go to the root directory webroot_dir

  1. cd /home/www/htdocs


Enter the following command to download the latest mantis, and wait for the download to complete.

  1. wget

Extract the downloaded file

  1. unzip

Move all extracted files in the mantisbt-2.6.0 folder to the site’s root directory

  1. mv ./mantisbt-2.6.0/* ./

Modify the group of all files as www:www

  1. chown -R www:www ./*

Then access http://IP address/index.php to install Mantis. Follow the prompts to enter the MySQL account and password. You can view the MySQL password in step 2.62472fea-94ec-4d98-9574-3bbfa64535fc.png

Wait for the installation to complete.

4. Test the access

If you have your own domain name, please refer to the Help document on domain name resolution to resolve your domain name.

You can access Mantis by accessing http://your domain name/ or http://server IP address/.82ed58bd-376d-4fd0-ad23-15ad06be1af6.png

Note: When you log on Mantis for the first time, you need to use the default admin account administrator and password root, andfollow the prompts to modify the admin password after you have logged on.