ICP Filing regulations for Liaoning

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018

Important requirements for ICP Filing

  • Owners/administrators less than 18 years of age cannot apply for ICP Filing.

  • The mobile phone number of the owner must be from this province.

  • If the organization name includes the terms as investment management, financial guarantee, pawn, loan, or financial management, the subject administrator and website administrator must be the legal representative.

  • The domain name owner must be the ICP Filing owner.

Documents required for ICP Filing

  • Enterprise: An electronic scanned copy of the original valid certificate of the ICP Filing owner and an electronic copy of the original valid identity document of the subject and website administrators.

  • Individual: An electronic copy of an original valid individual identity document.

  • ICP Filing authenticity checklist: Available for download during the ICP Filing process.

ICP filing change rules

  • Enterprise ICP Filings cannot be changed to individual ICP Filings. If the name or document number of the enterprise changes, the ICP Filing can be changed. The old and new names of the enterprise must be correlated.

  • Individual ICP Filings cannot be changed to filings of another individual. If an individual is the legal representative of an enterprise, the individual ICP Filing can be changed to an enterprise ICP Filing.

ICP filing transfer rules

  • The name and document number of the ICP Filing subject must be consistent with the original ICP Filing information. Otherwise, you must change or cancel the ICP Filing at the original ICP Filing service provider, and then apply for a new ICP Filing.

  • The domicile indicated in the relevant identity documents, the mailing address, and owner information must comply with the rules of the competent authority. After successful transfer, the information can be changed.

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