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How to protect the copyright of apsaravideo live and prevent access by unauthorized users

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2021


How to protect your live streaming copyright when using apsaravideo live.


To protect your live streaming copyright, apsaravideo live supports the following security policies:

  • Stream ingest authentication
    Live stream ingest supports URL authentication to protect your uploaded content resources from illegal embezzlement and occupation. 
    Description: apsaravideo live supports Referer anti-Leech protection and IP blacklist. However, Referer and IP can be forged, so URL authentication is more secure and effective.
  • Stream ingest blacklist
    When using apsaravideo live, you may encounter the following situations and you can prohibit certain stream ingest. For more information about how to disable stream ingest.
    • Authentication ingest address exposure
    • Malicious stream ingest by user
    • Business requirement
  • Playback authentication
    Live broadcast also adopts URL authentication. In apsaravideo live console playback URL signing is automatically enabled after Stream ingest authentication is enabled. The use of authenticated playback URLs reduces the risk of unauthorized playback of live streaming resources. For more information.

Application scope

  • Live video streaming