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No direct access to the CNAME domain name generated by WAF

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Why I am not able to access a CNAME domain name directly?

The CNAME domain name generated by WAF or Anti-DDoS Pro is used for DNS resolution and cannot be directly accessed.

WAF CNAME access principle

If you access the CNAME directly, a 504 error page may occur.

More information

If you do not want to switch DNS to test the WAF or Anti-DDoS Pro configuration, see Modify hosts file to test Web Application Firewall.

If you adopt an architecture with the combination of CDN and WAF, you only need to change the source site on the CDN configuration page to the CNAME domain name provided by WAF. Do not change the back-to-source host in the CDN configuration.

CDN configures CNAME record

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