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How to locate the local IP address using ApsaraDB for MySQL

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2017


The user’s public IP address is unfixed and the IP address located by the local IP address query tool is not correct. When the ApsaraDB is connected, an error occurs even if a local IP address found is added to the white list of the ApsaraDB for MySQL.

Handling process

  1. Add the IP address or the IP segment of your company to the whitelist of the ApsaraDB for MySQL. For the operating method, refer to Set a white list.

  2. Use the MySQL client to connect to the ApsaraDB for MySQL.

    1. mysql -hRDS link address -u account -p password -P3306

  3. Check the process information.

    1. show processlist

    The query results are shown in the following figure. The Host corresponding to show processlist of the Info field in the process is your outbound IP address.

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