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FAQ about ECS bandwidth

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018

1. Do I use the bandwidth exclusively?


2. What does 5 Mbps bandwidth mean?

5 Mbps bandwidth indicates that the downstream speed is 5 Mbps. The upstream speed is unlimited. Downstream bandwidth is the amount of data outbound from the ECS instance; upstream bandwidth is the amount of data inbound to the ECS instance.

3. What are the prices of different bandwidth?

See ECS Price Overview.

4. Is intranet communication possible between ECS instances in different regions?

No. By default, ECS instances in different regions cannot communicate on the intranet.

5. Why does my new ECS instance generate about 200 Kbps inbound traffic?

The inbound traffic is generated by ARP broadcast packets. Each ECS instance is assigned in a large network segment. Therefore, after an ARP broadcast packet is sent to request an IP address within the network segment, your new ECS instance receives the request packet, which causes the inbound traffic. But your ECS instance does not reply with an ARP packet if its IP address is not requested.

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