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How to verify whether a CDN node takes effect

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020


This article describes how to verify that the CDN node is effective.


Detailed information

Perform the following steps to check whether the CDN node is in effect.


Method 1: run the ping or dig command to view the added CDN domain name

  • Run the following command in the Linux to ping the domain name.
    The system output is displayed as follows. *.*kunlun*.com the CDN function takes effect.
  • Run the following command on Windows to view the added CDN domain name in dig mode. You can view the basic information such as IP address when the CDN domain name accesses the CDN node and the delay of packet loss.
    A similar output is displayed, indicating that the CDN node takes effect.


Method 2: Check whether the node takes effect in the CDN console

  1. Login CDN console.
  2. Click tool Service enter the IP address of the CDN node and click detection. Then, you can check whether the CDN node takes effect.


Method 3: obtain the responses for the corresponding CDN domain to check whether the node is in effect.

Tips: method 3: Use Linux as an example.

Run the following command to obtain the response to the CDN domain and check whether the CDN node information exists to determine whether CDN takes effect:

curl -I

A similar output is displayed.



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