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Is the SEO of websites affected by Alibaba Cloud CDN?

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017

According to the SEO Guidelines on Baidu official website, “Baiduspider grasps websites in the same way as general users visit the websites. It can grasp all the contents which can be visited by general users. No matter which technology is used, the search engine is not affected as long as the users can smoothly visit the websites.” SEO will be affected to some extent when the IP address is changed due to Alibaba Cloud CDN’s instability or subjection to malicious attacks, or when the crawler encounters access exceptions due to DNS cache or crawler cache problems. If these two problems are solved, the SEO can be accelerated, mainly in the following two aspects:

  • When Alibaba Cloud CDN is used, the visit is faster. It is more friendly to the crawler, and data can be grasped more easily.

  • The user experience is improved, and visits are increased.

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