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ECS stress test guide

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Security Anti-DDoS Basic provides defense against DDoS attacks. By default, when the traffic exceeds 180 MB per second, 30,000 messages per second, or 480 HTTP requests per second, Alibaba Cloud Security auto enables the Anti-DDoS defense service.

Therefore, if you need ECS stress tests, do the following:

  1. log on to the Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic console.

  2. Select View details > Advanced Anti-DDoS settings > Manual setting to adjust the threshold to an appropriate value.

  3. After choosing the appropriate value (as per your business need) from the dropdown menu, click OK to complete the action.

    Note: We recommend that you do not set the increasing pace per minute to exceed 100 times during the stress test.

    Threshold setting

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