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MPS demo project

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018


  1. Activate the service

    You must have an Alibaba Cloud account and activated MPS, OSS, and RAM.

    Service activation procedure

  2. Initialize OSS

    Create two buckets on the OSS console. One bucket is used to store input files and the other bucket is used to store output files after transcoding. The input and output files can be stored in one bucket.

  3. Initialize MPS

    Log on to the MPS console > Settings > Transcoding Templates/Watermark Templates, and create a custom transcoding template and a custom watermark template.

    Log on to the MPS console > Settings > MPS Queues to view the default MPS queue ID.

  4. Demo function description

    • The demo contains examples of the transcoding process (transcodeJobFlow) and screenshot process (snapshotJobFlow).

    • The transcodeJobFlow contains the transcoding process recommended by the preset smart template (systemTemplateJobFlow) and transcoding process of the custom template (userCustomTemplateJobFlow).

    • A watermark is set for each transcoding output file.

Note: Before using the MPS demo project, read the README file carefully. As theAlibaba Cloud SDK is continuously upgraded, the solution about multi-regionsupport in the README file is upgraded. For more information about the latest solution, see Multi-region support.

  • Java

    • Environment requirements

      • J2SE Development Kit (JDK) 6.0 or a later version

      • Maven 2.1 or a later version

    • DownloadURL

  • PHP

    • Environment requirements

      • PHP 5.3 or a later version

      • composer

    • DownloadURL

  • Python

    • Environment requirements

      • Python 2.7 or a later version

      • pip

    • DownloadURL