PSSH is a Python-based application that allows you to execute SSH commands on up to 30 instances all at once. As such, you will be able to install software, kill a process, or download a file on multiple instances at the same time.

Install CloudMonitor Agent on a single instance

bash -c "$(curl"

Install CloudMonitor Agent on multiple instances using PSSH

  • Install PSSH.
    1. Install Python v2.4 or later.
    2. Install PSSH.
       tar zxf pssh-2.3.1.tar.gz
       cd pssh-2.3.1
       python install 
  • Configure the IP list and prepare the instances on which CloudMonitor will be installed.
    1. Configure the ip.txt file.
    2. The format is user@ip:port, one per line. By default, Port 22 is used if you do not specify a different port.
    3. The sudo permission is required for running commands.
    4. The password used for multiple instances must be the same for each instance. Alternatively, you can establish password-less SSH trust between instances.
  • Execute parallel commands on multiple instances.

    pssh -h ip.txt -A -i bash -c "$(curl"

    -H: Enter the host list file.

    -A: Enter the password you have set for the corresponding instances. If you established password-less SSH trust between instances, you do not need to enter this parameter.

    -I: Enter your command.

  • Check whether CloudMonitor is installed.

    pssh -h ip.txt -A -i"/usr/local/cloudmonitor/wrapper/bin/ status"