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Comparison of Table Store and a workbook in terms of table, row, column, and value

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Table Store tables enable you to manage structured data in tables by allowing you to query, insert, modify, and delete data in Table Store tables. Data in a Table Store table is organized by row, column, and value.

Table structure

The preceding figure details basic Table Store concepts, which are described as follows:

  • Table: A table is referenced as a label that is featured at the bottom of the page. Different labels correspond to different tables.

  • Row: Each row contains a tuple mapping columns to values.

  • Column: Data in the same column has the same category attributes (that is, data types).

  • Value: Available value types are: String, Integer, Boolean, Double, or Binary. Table Store allows some columns to have no values. If a column does not have a value, the column does not use storage space.

    Note: If the column is a primary key column, the value type can be only String, Integer, or Binary.

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