The context parameter of a function includes a temporary key that consists of the AccessKey ID, AccessKey secret, and security token. If the security token is not provided, the "The Access Key ID does not exist" message is returned.

The following example demonstrates how to access Object Storage Service (OSS) code in a Python function.

import json
import oss2
def my_handler(event, context):
    evt = json.loads(event)
    creds = context.credentials
    # Do not omit the security token for authentication.
    # Do not miss the "security_token" for the authentication!
    auth = oss2.StsAuth(creds.access_key_id, creds.access_key_secret, creds.security_token)
    bucket = oss2.Bucket(auth, evt['endpoint'], evt['bucket'])
    bucket.put_object(evt['objectName'], evt['message'])
    return 'success'