This topic describes the Alibaba Cloud services that can be used together with MNS.

MNS can be used together with Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Object Storage Service (OSS), and Tablestore. This ensures the flexibility and scalability of your applications.

For example, assume that you want to create multiple ECS instances that have mutual access and different workload-processing progresses.

In this case, queues can store messages and enable the applications that run on ECS instances to process messages in order. An ECS instance reads a message from a queue. The instance processes the task that corresponds to the message, and publishes the result as a message to another queue. Then, the task that corresponds to the result message may be processed by another application. ECS instances are scalable resources. Therefore, application developers can change the number of ECS instances on which an application runs based on the number of messages in a queue. This ensures that messages are processed in time.