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You cannot delete a mount point on the Mount target page of the Apsara file storage NAS file system

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Problem description

When you manage a NAS file system, a Mount point cannot be deleted and the following information is displayed:

This mount point is created by the internal service of Alibaba Cloud and cannot be used currently. Service name: Alibaba Cloud CloudShell


You have used cloudshell in the console and bound a bucket. cloudshell automatically binds the bucket to a file system and creates a mount point.


  1. First check the permission group name on the Mount points page. The common format of the UID is cloudshell-XXXXXX.
  2. Log on to the console using the sub-account corresponding to the UID, click Cloud Shell (Cloud Shell) in the upper right corner, and then unbind the bucket.
  3. Check the NAS file system again to confirm that the Mount point is automatically cleared.


  • Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS)